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Just have the "GOD account" and rename it?


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Well, this is exactly what I did:

I checked:



Unattended setup

Bootable ISO

- Enable before apply

In the Compatibility window that makes you check what you are planning to use so that vLite saves the needed files, I checked everything (you never know when you'll need one of those things).

In Components, the only things I checked / removed were:

Welcome Center

Sample Pictures

Network Projector

MSN Installer


In Tweaks, I changed the power scheme to "High Performance" and for Explorer I set "Show hidden files and folders" and "Show protected operating system files" to yes.

In Unattended, the only thing I did was check "Skip user creation".

Then after those things, I pressed "Apply" and did the rebuild and apply option. I chose only Windows Vista Ultimate in the beginning since that's what the original disk is that I bought.

After vLite did its thing I saved the ISO then used IMGBurn to burn the ISO to DVD.

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Ok, I made a new Vista disk using the latest version of vLite. I chose the same options I chose when I made my previous disk using the previous version of vLite. With my previous disk, selecting the skip user creation resulted in a single account which was also the "GOD account" that would not prompt me everytime I wanted to change something (I guess that's the UAC thing?). I've made two new Vista disks so far with this latest version of vLite (1.1 beta). Each time I make my changes and select skip user creation and then press apply right before making the ISO (also choosing to rebuild and remove all versions except for Ultimate 64-bit which is what I have). After the ISO is made, I burn to a disk. I've installed them and during setup, it still asks me to type in a name for the account. After Vista is fully installed, it's a regular account that shows up as an administrator when I go to Control Panel -> User Accounts. I know it's not the "GOD account" though because when I go into:

secpol.msc -> Local Policies -> Security Options

"Accounts: Administrator account status" is disabled. Also, when I do anything, it acts like a normal Vista install prompting me to allow everything I do.

What's going on here? How come this isn't working anymore (having only the "GOD account" when skip user creation is selected) with this new version of vLite? I've made two disks on two separate computer (both running 64-bit versions of Vista that haven't been modified with vLite or any other tools and have been updated with all available updates from Windows Update) using vLite 1.1 beta and choosing the same options each time. Installing from both disks yields the same results.

I press the apply button only once during the whole process and that's right before making the ISO. I also choose to rebuild with only the version of Vista that I have (Vista Ultimate 64-bit).

I don't understand what it is you want? JUST THE GOD ACCOUNT?

    <settings pass="oobeSystem">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<TimeZone>Mountain Standard Time</TimeZone>
<SkipUserOOBE>true</SkipUserOOBE> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<HERE IT IS
<SkipMachineOOBE>true</SkipMachineOOBE> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<HERE IT IS AGAIN!

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Yes, all I want to do is make the changes I listed in post #16 AND have ONLY the GOD Account when Vista is installed. As I said earlier I have already done this with an earlier version of vLite. I want to do it again and make some additional changes, but when I choose to skip user creation with this latest version of vLite, Vista setup still makes me create an account (the GOD account is not the only account like I wanted it).

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I wish I had the time to help further, but I use Nuhi's great app to remove some stuff and do the rest manually...with a little help from VistaUA.

However, if you could post your current autounattend.xml, I bet one of us here can quickly determine why you don't get your god mode.

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I finally figured out why it wasn't working. Apparently, you have to put something in the "Full Name" field opposite of the "Skip user creation" check box. If you leave the "Full Name" field blank, you won't get just the "GOD account".

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