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Xp Rollup Disc Downloads Idea!


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Make a XP Rollup/Sp/Custom Install Disc with everything included but the "Winnt.sif" file and anything that can make it a workable version.. Make the user extract those files from thier very own cd or whatever or edit the winnt.sif file to not have a cd-key so there is no piracy.

This could be very very convient for those users who are just plain dumb like myself? :rolleyes:

Well anyhow I hope this idea is a vaild one... :)

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Hehe I have tried to do this... used all the guides, premade scripts and such, nothing seems to go 100% of the way through...

Like I get error code 4 when it boots up... I got a setup error right at the end of xp setup, something like to view the log "setuperr.log" or something...

I have tried about 10-15 "things" to try to get my stuff to work and it doesnt.

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