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Printer Sharing in win2k_SP4


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I am working on small office networking. I use win2k_SP4 and one share printer connected with one pC.

Can anyone help me how I increase maximun no user to connect printer to print? windows default is 10. Normaly I am reqd for 15 to 25 user due to One printer is in office.

Can set the connection any no of user?

any patch reqd?

pls help...

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well there are 2 verry easy ways to get this done, and probably all depends on what kind of printer you have, what kind of budget you have, and how mutch time you are willing to spend..

the way i see things..

on a small network with not mutch room for expensive equipment i have offten used an old desktop "like IBM or Dell" -pc, and tried to install a verry smal linux distribution, on it, witch would have to use samba (server part) and CUBS (the linux printing service), to create a print server.... but in fact this is usually only verry usefull if you have sutch hardware lying around, and you need more than a single printer conected,


its safe, verry stable, can conect up to 5 (2 isa slots, 2pci slots, and the default printerport, leaving 1 pci for a lan adaptor) printers with verry cheap pci and isa printerport-cards, and than some via usb, it will be easily manageble with a webbased admin panel, and provided that you have sufecient ram, you can have verry large printer-q ...


it can however be hard to setup (for the first time), and a destop machine like an old PII can take a bit of space, also you cant really build it into a tight space (or youll overheat the thing),

the last known problem is that it might take you a bit of extra time to get decent printer drivers for your linux box (and you will need them)


other alternative is a printserver or usb-capable router, some of these only cost about, 60$usd and will have 2 usb ports - than in windows you can easily create a vertual printerport to the IP'of your print-server... this has many advantages... as its smaller than a fullsize pc, uses about 1 quarter of the power... but usually its slower, and you cant have big print-que's with it...

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