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xp apps on windows 2000


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I just got accepted to beta test joost tv on my computer. Joost allows yo to watch some tv programs on your computer. The problem is that it works only in xp and I am using windows 2000. Is there a way to "fool" an app to make it think it is xp? Or something else besides install xp?

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You can try the directions here to strip the version check.

Though i am a strong Win2K supporter, since most of those TV or media software uses some XP built-in DLL (Dynamic Link Library) calls, make them OS dependent, so it may not possibly work for win2k.

Those DLL make software developer easier to do their job (Instead of writing all the codes, only one system call would do the job), but at the same time make their software tied up to the specific OS, you can consider it's Microsoft's trick to make her customer loyal.

Try bypass the version check, if it won't work, maybe some experts on both XP/2K figure out where are those system calls go, and copy those DLL or any stuff to Win2K, is a better and more systematic way to do the job.

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