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Unattended install in VMware not on Baremetal


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vLite 1.0b x64 Vista unattend installs in VMware Wkstn v6.0 but not on baremetal Boot.

vlite ISO Image was burned to DVD and clean booted to start install from DVD but does not exhibit the same behaviour as in VMware guest install.

Clean Booted DVD still asks for language input and install prompts.

Can someone help

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i have the same issues even though i want unattended and still get prompted for user input during install

I found my problem which is 2 fold. I ran out of drive letters (whoever would have thought it). Although technically I still had the b drive left and an empty partition. Also, I set display for the PE pass in the unattended without a refresh rate. I deleted partitions and deleted the display section out of the unattend file and all goes well.

If only I can find a way to turn off driver signing checks, I'll be sitting pretty with unattended.

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