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office-2003-x86-fra.ul (2007-05-08)


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Here's an update for the FRENCH version of Office 2003. (I don't think there's much difference with the ENU one appart from the language, anyway).

It contains the SP2 pack and the 18 actual post-SP2 hotfixes, as of 2007-05-09.

Obsoletes ones are removed: only useful stuff in there.

But only for the main office apps: (almost) nothing for Visio & Co.

As a side note, PVMSXM5.msp in KB924424 is specifically for those special apps, while MSXM5.msp in the same hotfix is for the main office apps. If you try to slipstream PVMSXM5.msp in an Admin Installation Point for the main office, you will get an error message saying that the target application is not found.

So if you use a script to automate the slipstreaming, you may want to set an exception to delete PVMSXM5.msp before the script slipstream it.

An error also happened with the SPECIALDICTIONARYNLDff.msp package of KB913571, I think because those special dictionaries are for the Dutch language and may not exist on the (French) version of Office I used to test the install. Same solution.

Last, as far as I found on M$ website, KB924085 doesn't replace the same Outlook files as KB913807 so this last one is not obsolete. But both have msp packs with the same names. So if, as I've seen doing, you first extract all the the hotfixes in a same location before slipstreaming them, one will overwrite the other... which won't be installed !

Better to extract and slipstream each pack one after the other.


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A few hours after me finalizing the list, M$ released 5 new Office 2003 updates, replacing 5 other ones in it.

First post updated with the new list including those patches.

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