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Release - Crib Hand Counter


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So... my friends and I were playing some Cribbage today, and we got to thinking about what the possibilities would be if we had an obscene amount of cards... obviously, you'd want to have a program count everything for you, so here's the start of that dream. It's a simple program that takes a 4 card hand, plus the common card and calculates the points for you.


As of now, it won't check for things like 5 of a kind...but that's what the future holds in store. We sometimes play "Crazy Crib" where you use two decks, and have 6 cards in hand instead of 4. Just for fun, we tried counting a 15 card hand today...ended up with 688 points... :blink:

Requires .NET 2.0 - Don't like it - don't use it. It's as simple as that. I don't want to hear about anything anti-NET. We've all had enough of that around here.

Download Crib Counter

Download .NET 2.0 Framework

It also doesn't count flushes. Those become increasingly rare with larger hands, so I decided to not do it. Let me know if you find any bugs... or somehow make it calculate 19 points...:unsure:

Enjoy! :lol:

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This is a really cool gadget but it's got a serious counting bug. I just had a hand of a jack of clubs, jack of diamonds, queen of diamonds, queen of spades and the starter card was a 10 of spades. When I entered all that in it only counted the 2 pairs but not the runs. :(

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Huh... so it does. I'll admit - I was playing around with .NET at the time (I was just learning how to put everything together) and didn't test everything to it's fullest.

I'll see if I can fix that bug when I get some free time. :)

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