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I would like to know if some one implemented a hardware check with Windows XP unattended installation.

For example: If this laptop is a Compaq M700, install these apps. If this laptop is an Compaq Evo N610c, install these apps.

How would you go about doing this?



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The only way i could think of this would be setup say a system report using i dunno aida32 which can be automated to log to a file, do this on each possible machine then save them in %systemdrive%\Install\HardWare\Configs and compare it using md5 checksums after creating a report during guirunonce if the outputted file is equal to a config file install the config's apps if the config is not found install a standard set. i am not sure exactly how to do this but i know in theory how to do it and that is posted above im sure a more experienced user can post your script files which are required, than mayb this can be added to tutorials.


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