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  1. How about something like this: XP Setup Menu Sandman- That would be nice, but that is similiar to a CD Menu program. The problem with the CD Menu software is that I can't select multiple items and let it process after one another. Ura
  2. After Windows XP installed and processing the RunOnce command.
  3. Hello I would like to use a VBS script or other methods to do an applications installation. I would like to see a choice during my applications installation process. For example...(a checkbox would be nice) Select your applications: --------------------------------- Item1=WinRAR Item2=Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 Item3=Adaware 6 Item4=Nero 6 --------------------------------- If I decided to select Item1 and Item2, it will install only WinRAR and Adobe Acrobat for me. TIA, Ura Pnes PS...Gosh thank you for saving 150 MB of disk space on my CD. I love the lite version of Windows XP!
  4. Hello- I would like to know if some one implemented a hardware check with Windows XP unattended installation. For example: If this laptop is a Compaq M700, install these apps. If this laptop is an Compaq Evo N610c, install these apps. How would you go about doing this? TIA, Ura
  5. How about Silent Install Winzip 8.1? I tried the switches /noqp /autoinstall wit 8.1 and it's not working. Edited...Nevermind. I installed Winzip 8.1 on my system followed IT_Ranger instructions and it's working. Thanks

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