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[Release] WaitKill .1

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Requirements: .Net 2.0

this is a console application intended for use in batch files.

WaitKill waits for a list of processes to start and then kills them the moment they do.

usage: WaitKill processes timeout

example: WaitKill example.exe example2.exe ... 30

in the above example WaitKill waits up to 30 seconds for example.exe and example2.exe to start.

timeout is optional, if no value is given for timeout it defaults to 60 seconds. a value of 0 disables the timeout and WaitKill will run until it has terminated all the processes.

WaitKill re-checks the process list every 20ms, and so on my system uses 6-10% cpu.

at the 20ms threshold WaitKill closes the target processes on my machine without a flicker before they even have a chance to pop onscreen.

i put this together real quick because i needed a simple reliable way to end annoying nag screens at the end of a few installers without having to use AutoIt.

source is attached for anyone wanting to add functionality. i'm done with this as it's already served it's purpose for me, but if you find a bug i'll fix it.

edit: fixed a tiny bug i saw right when i looked at the code for the last time!



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