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Windows 98 in the Public Domain?


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I too, am glad for the "resistance call" that this site provides. I do use W2K on my primary computer (Asus P4P800E Deluxe with 3.4 g. Prescott CPU) instead of 98 because I sometimes process video and have to get past the 4g. file size limitation.

I deliberately have 98SE (with 98SE2ME upgrade) installed on my secondary computer (Tyan S2495MB with Athlon XP3000 CPU) just because I like it, part of me enjoys resisting the M$ constant push toward newer and newer OS'es. With IE, OE and M$ java removed among with other M$ bloat and replaced with Firefox, Sun Java and an old version of Eudora (3x) I feel ready for a few more years of W98.

To prepare myself for the inevitable day when all W2K support is gone and I may have to use something else on the 'net, I am now dual booting with Linux and am slowly starting to get used to that OS.

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