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Setting the CD to automatically create & format a Hard Drive


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Newbie here :hello:

Just a quick question. I've been looking at nLite with a view to creating an unattended install CD for XP. The application works great and I highly recommend it :thumbup

One question though. I was hoping to skip the disk format section at the beginning of the installation. Is there a way to do this? I was under the impression that adding (or amending) the following sections in the WINNT.SIF file would do the trick, but I'm not having any luck -







Basically, I create the ISO image and then use MagicISO to amend the file before burning the image to CD. Am I doing something wrong here? Any advice greatly appreciated!!


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this will delete all partation of hard drive and then create only one partation then it format it with ntfs...

If you skip file system NTFS to * then i hope no error will occer.

And take in mind don't provide Key when upload file on net

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