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Uxtheme Problem


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Hi guys, i have created a ntlited windwos xp SP2 (with IE7) and RVM Update pack and have integrated windows media player 11 with boogeys addon.

This works great however, it only allows me to select standard themes.

if i copy a patched uxtheme.dell into my windows cd and do a fresh install it works fine and i can select my other themes.

However, the problem with this is SFC then moans after windows install

So my only conclusion is that nlite isn't patching uxtheme even though i have told it to do so.

Does any1 know why this is happening (is it a media player 11 issue as this was inetgrated with boogeys addon afterwards) Or is this an nlite issue.

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this is booogy's addon issue (not an issue exactly). his addon also contains a unpatched uxtheme file, so you need to patch it with nlite after you integrated the addon...if that makes sense :D

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