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TXTSETUP.SIF missing line setup.exe =100


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why is it that sometimes when I use the


I open the TXTSETUP.SIF and there is no line setup.exe = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,,1,2

Oh, no space after the =

thanks! Unatteded guide

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The command you listed simply extracts SETUPORG.EXE file packed in a cab archive. It has nothing to do with txtsetup.sif. Evidently, you have to clarify you question.

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Yes, they are not connected.. so thank YOU for calirfying.. However, I believe the question was "How come I cannot find the setup.exe = 100" though I did leave off the question mark..

and of course the answer is, do a search for "setup.exe" not "setup.exe ="

and notepad is a bad editor..

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