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Tunrning off Admin auto login?


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Good morning..

Been playing around with nLite in a VM for a few days now ... I've got it almost "at a point" where I can start using the image I've built for reinstalling various PCs around here.

However, I've come across an issue that is making my head spin. I will set the Autologin User to "none", finish the process, and build an ISO. Install it on a VM, and watch as the Admin user logs itself in. I'll reboot the VM, and it logs itself in again.

I've removed anything in the .INI files about auto-login, re-created the ISO, and still observe the same issue.

Thing is ... I'm sure, at some point during testing, this wasn't doing this... but I'm not sure what I had changed when this issue cropped up.

I'm going crazy here - hopefully someone can help me out :-)

Thanks in advance...

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This is the offending reg entry your looking for:

"AutoAdminLogon"="1" , just change "1" to "0"

Below is the entry reg entry to disable auto admin login

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

You could just add the above reg entry to your tweaks.reg on your xp disc if your not able to find a resolve.


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Yeah, I started to look at that as a solution.

Something wasn't quite "right" with the CD I built - I had removed all the GuiRunOnce stuff, and the commands (except the nLite line) in $oem$\commands.txt (or whatever that file is called.. its gone now, so.. yeah) and the CD was still performing the software installations that I had there.

So I blew it away and started with a clean CD, then applied the most recent set of settings to it, and it started behaving.

The other method I was about to attempt was how I handled installed with RIS ... I had auto login enabled, installed some software, then ran sysprep so that I would be prompted to enter a computer name. A bit like hitting a nail with a sledge hammer, but it worked, and I'm lazy ;-)

Thanks for the regedit code. I'm sure to need that before I'm done .....


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