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Shutdown Problem with shutdown.exe on W2K


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I want to shut down a remote computer with the command line tool shutdown.exe.


shutdown -s -f -m \\<IP-adress or computer name)

I can shutdown the remote computer, but it won't turn off.

The message "You can turn off the computer now" appears.

It's not an ACPI problem because when I regulary shut down the computer (Start-->Shutdown)

the computer shuts down AND turns off.

This also happens to computers with Windows 2000. Computer with Windows XP will shut down and turn off.

I also tried shutdown.exe from Windows XP, but that didn't work either.

Is there a solution for this or another command line tool?

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Yes, I tried it. But it requires an administrative Share, which I don't want to do. Besides it has trouble to find the remote computer where shutdown.exe doesn't have any.

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