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ngen.exe error

Carillo Gallardo

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  • 2 weeks later...

No ideas guys? This problem is driving me crazy...

More details (don't now if connected to ngen or not):

1- i get this error at the end of t-13 stage, if i click the "OK" button after few seconds setup continues to t-12 stage...

2- all the addons in "svcpack.inf" were correctly installed...

3- only some "inf addons" were installed and not completely (for example some reg entries were not installed)...

4- during windows startup the screen resolution was setted up wrong and very low, not at 1024x768...

5- during windows startup i get an error that says that some services or drivers failed to start but all drivers were correctly installed and just because of that error i remove only few services with nlite, using compatibility mode to not remove core services and everything always has worked... until now...

6- setuperr.log is not blank:

Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll because of the following error:
DllInstall returned error 2147746132 (80040154).

I'll do other experiments... :realmad::no:

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Thanks Kels, i'll try, but i've always used that addon and it always works... Anyway, i'll try!


Ok, i've solved the ngen problem by installing .net framework in runonce (RyanVM's aio pack) and so removing it as svcpack addon. Now it's ok, but i still get all the other errors... Anyway, now i'm closer to perfection (and to the madness...)! :hello:

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