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Network packet analyzer on WinPE 2.0 - recvfrom hangs


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Im trying to run my simple UDP time server on WinPE 2.0

It calls recvfrom to receive any time-requests from clients.

But whenever I send time-request to this server, it never comes out of recvfrom.

If I run same UDP server on Win2k3 it responds fine.

I want to see whether UDP packet from client is actually reaching to WinPE machine.

I tried installing etheral on Winpe but it gives me error (unable to write to X:\windows\temp\nsrDE40.tmp\system.dll)

I also tried installing WinPCAP setup on WinPE - it also gives me "illegal instruction error"

Can anyone suggest me solution of my original problem? or any network trace tool which can run on WinPE?

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