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  1. Is it a fake ProductId? I mean any value would do, rt? Other Windows istallers (xp, 2k3, 2k pro etc) can run successfully using modified (ProductId) WinPE image?
  2. can u please post the script/code to extract the ip-address?
  3. What is the RAM size of your vmware-instance? Try WinPE booting with atleast 512 MB RAM.
  4. What is the RAM size of your vmware-instance? Try WinPE booting with atleast 512 MB RAM.
  5. I get following error often while executing "netstat -a -b" on WinPE 2.0: x: Windows Sockets initialization failed: 5 Any idea ? Is it a bug in WinPE 2.0?
  6. bcdedit is part of WinPE.wim. In WAIK, you can see different folders (ia64, amd64, x86) for different platforms, these folders contain basic WinPE.wim image files. When you mount WinPE.wim file using imagex, u can find bcdedit.exe in that mounted folder.
  7. Thanks!!! Its a "System" file I was looking for.
  8. Hi, Im trying to modify WinPE.wim's registry offline using following method: http://www.msfn.org/board/To_Enable_NTLMv2...registry+modify But I could not locate setupreg.hiv in mounted WinPE.wim image. Is there an ither hiv file?
  9. what is alternative to findstr in WinPE 2.0. findstr is unrecognized in WinPE. Once WinPE starts I want to wait untill ipaddress is being assigned to WinPE box. Following is the script I found on the net: rem if not defined Debug echo off set i=0 :Loop ipconfig.exe /all | findstr "Lease Obtained" > NUL & goto :Found set /A i=%i%+1 echo DHCP address not found. Wait for 10 seconds and try again. [%i%/6] sleep 10 if not "%i%"=="6" goto :Loop :NotFound @echo The DHCP address was not acquired. @echo Please ensure that you have a netcard with a valid driver. netcfg -v -s a pause goto :EOF :Found @echo Found!
  10. I reveive following error occasionally while booting WinPE 2.0. wpeinit.exe: Unable to locate component Application has failed to start because wdi.dll was not found. Any idea?
  11. I can not login to winxp+sp2 share using guest account from WinPE 2.0, wherein i can successfuly connect to same share from any other windows box. X:\Windows\system32>net use t: \\\guestShare The password is invalid for \\\guestShare. Enter the user name for '': guest Enter the password for The user context supplied is invalid. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3775. I could not connect to share by changing registry settings mentioned in thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t81650.html Please advice....
  12. I have VC8 built C utilty, when i try to run this utility from x64 WInPE, it gives me error: "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more details" After googling, i came to know that msvcr80.dll is absent on the x64 winPE, after copying msvcr80.dll, it still shows same error. there are other system dlls absent on x64 winpe like: netplwiz.dll clbcatq.dll devmgr.dll windowscodecs.dll shdocvw.dll apphelp.dll query.dll I also tried to execute vcredist_x64.exe from x64 WinPE (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms235291(VS.80).aspx) for vcredist_x64.exe, it throws error: "System can not execute the specified program"
  13. StuffIt V3.10ß © Terje Mathisen 1989-91 Syntax: Stuffit <commands> +|=[[hh:]mm:]ss | Delay for(+) or until(=) a specified time. +45 will wait for 45 seconds. =14:: will wait until 2pm. +0 will wait until the kbd buffer is empty. <character code> | Stuff a given character code. stuffit +2 13 would feed "ENTER" to stdin after 2 secs. Anything similar to stuffit on WinPE?
  14. Thnx for valuable info. I checked the above mentioned PXE registry key. It has 2 binary values: "BootServerReply" and "DHCPServerACK" binary values contain hell lot of info, probably whole DHCPOFFER and DHCPACK packets. Any idea how to extract info from these binary values?
  15. Im confused how would it (nbtstat) help? Just another case: machine has 2 NICs NIC1 & NIC2 NIC1 is on n/w 1 and NIC2 is on n/w 2. Both n/ws have DHCP server running. NIC1 has priority over NIC2 in BIOS boot loading. I have configured WinPE network booting on n/w 2 (to which NIC2 is connected) Once machine boots up, NIC1 gets ipaddress from DHCP server of n/w 1. NIC2 gets ipaddress from DHCP server of n/w 2 and also it receives boot-server & boot-filename details. It starts booting WinPE. Now in above case, WinPE has been booted on NIC2. How can i detect it thru any command, api from WinPE?
  16. Is there any command, wmi script or api which returns the NIC info (mac addr) from which WinPE has been network booted on? example: If I have multiple NICs and each NIC is attached to different subnet. I have configured NIC1 at the 1st position of boot loader in BIOS and NIC2 at 2nd position. Say, DHCP server is not present on NIC1 network, and its present on NIC2 n/w. so obviously my WinPE will be network booted from NIC2. Is there any api, command, WMI query to information about n/w adapter from which WInPE has been booted on (in this case NIC2)? Pankaj.
  17. Im trying to run my simple UDP time server on WinPE 2.0 It calls recvfrom to receive any time-requests from clients. But whenever I send time-request to this server, it never comes out of recvfrom. If I run same UDP server on Win2k3 it responds fine. I want to see whether UDP packet from client is actually reaching to WinPE machine. I tried installing etheral on Winpe but it gives me error (unable to write to X:\windows\temp\nsrDE40.tmp\system.dll) I also tried installing WinPCAP setup on WinPE - it also gives me "illegal instruction error" Can anyone suggest me solution of my original problem? or any network trace tool which can run on WinPE?
  18. I tried it on VM instance only. Only difference between your and my steps are: Instead of your (1) step , I install OS on VM manually - then syspreped it. You can try followin steps: 1. deploy normal (NOT syspreped) image to new VM m/c 2. sysprep it and then ur normal steps....
  19. Im talking about system's sysprep.inf file. if I have 620 mb of wim image, what shud be the minimum partition needs to be created on target machine? "imagex /info wimimage" doesnt give any useful info.
  20. In step 2 If I capture the image using any other 3rd party imaging tooll (say ghost or any other sector based imaging utility), would it be possible to make changes to sysprep.inf file in step 4 (i.e. before rebooting the machine)?
  21. gr8!! it would avoid creating separate image for each target machine
  22. Would following steps work for 2k/xp/2k3 image based deployment? 1. Prepare master installation with sysprep tool (generalize it) 2. Capture the image of sysprepe'd active partition using imagex (may be by network booting into WinPE) 3. To parameterized the image: - mount the image using imagex - parameterize the image by editing sysprep.ini file (add custom info) - commit the changes to image 4. Deploy the image to target machine
  23. I want to deploy captured wim-file image to bare metal machine. The only way i can deploy this wim file to bare metal is - boot bare metal with winpe 2.0 - create appropriate partitions etc - imagex /apply captured-generic-image.wim 1 c: Now my concern is - captured-generic-image.wim is generic - it doesnt have host specific information like host name etc. How to specify these parameters for deploying "image". For setup based installation, we use unattend.txt It looks like to me that winpe 2.0 unattend.xml mechanism is only used for parametrizing *vista* wim images and not other? Then what is the mechanism to apply custom parameters to 2k/xp/2k3 images captured using imagex?
  24. I dont want to deploy OS using setup method (win32.exe /unattend:unattend.txt). Instead I have generic .wim image which doesnt contain host specific info like host name, users etc. The only mechanism i have to deploy this image to bare-metal machine is to apply using imagex. For vista image, i can parameterize the the image deployment using winpe2.0 & unattend.xml. But what about other windows flavors?
  25. It seems that I can not use unattend.xml (WinPE 2.0) technique to deploy win2k,xp, 2k3 images to deploy server. If I generalize master server using sysprep, capture wim image of generic master using imagex, then to deploy generic wim image using imagex, how to apply my own custom parameters like machine name etc? I dont think WinPE 2.0 unattend.xml is useful in case of 2k, 2k3 & xp. Its only useful in case of deploying vista wim images. Note: I tried to create unattend.xml file for winxp wim image using Windows System Image Manager , but it throws error.

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