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Unrecognized CPU Problem


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I've googled this issue to death, and can't seem to find a definitive answer... I've made several nLite unattended installs, all without problems up until now. I recently built a Core 2 Duo system, and when I went to install a nLite'd version of XP Pro, in the initial setup screens it says it doesn't recognize my CPU type, and please choose either i486 with C-Step or Other.

I ended up eventually running a regular bootable full version of XP which installed fine. I've literally spent hours trying at least 6 different builds, each time leaving more and more in the build in hopes it would solve the problem. It hasn't - I can't shake the feeling that its something small that I'm missing.

I've tried the F5 key option - which yields no results. I've tried mashing both when it asks me to press F6 for SCSI/RAID drivers as well as throughout the install, with no results. Doesn't seem to notice :)

I've been through my BIOS (ASUS P5B-E Rev 1101) looking for and changing any options which might help Setup recognize, also with no results...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll gladly answer any questions that'll help diagnose the problem - its driving me nuts!

Attached is the build file.

EDIT: Problem solved.

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Any ideas? Tried a different XP disc thinking perhaps it was a problem with my OEM SP2 disc. Same results, upon entering setup after the F6 for SCSI/RAID and F2 for Automated System Recovery, goes to unknown computer type screen. Choose Intel i486 with C-Step or Other. If I choose Other, gives me the message about not being able to find txtsetup.oem. :realmad:

If I choose the i486 option, upon rebooting I get the BSoD.


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