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Vista RTM Boot Screen for Windows XP by Neo with [Add on]


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:hello: Hi everyone. :hello:

And the time has comeup when I m introducing Vista RTM boot screen for Windows XP with [Add on].

The boot screen package is self-extracting archieve.


There are two option to install the Vista RTM Boot Screen.

(1) By editing boot.ini

Rename file into 8.3 filename format lets say VBoot.exe and Copy VBoot.exe into C:\Windows\System32 folder and edit the boot.ini

The Default Boot.ini look like this, add /Kernel=<bootscreen.exe> switch

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=."Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT

after making the changes

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT /Kernel=VBoot.exe

(2) Change the resource of origianl bootscreen.

The Boot screen archieve is also contains a resource file named VistaBoot.res.

U can change the resources of original boot screen using ResHacker manually.

Open ntoskrnl.exe [under C:\Windows\system32 ] in ResHacker.

Click on Action Menu -> Update All Resouces ...

Locate the VistaBoot.res file under Open Dialog Box and click on Open.

A message box will be appeared "11 resource items updated." Now save and replace the existing one.

NOTE : If U are working on multiuser system. Re-perform 2nd method with ntkrnlpa.exe having in same folder.

Download : Vista RTM BootScreen for Windows XP

[Add on] Vista RTM Boot Screen Compiled by ricktendo64

KB940322 Hotfix patched with the Vista RTM Boot Screen by neo

Takes up Zero space on the CD, it overwrites the Old XP CD files with the new ones and Adds the reg entries and correct BuildCheckSum for the Hotfix Update.

[Download-Add on]


I hope this one make assumption to the end of Vista RTM style boot screen for Windows XP.

I think so you like one.

I downloaded this boot screen & integrated with nlite, its working great, Now I need a logon screen. plz give me a logon screen

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Im working on a Vista RTM style logon screen...I hope you 'll get soon.

Very happy to know that :)

If I can give you some suggestions:

- Please create a logon screen without text on it (I'd like to have it neutral so I can use on XP, Vista, etc.)

- Please create it based on black Vista logon screen (I mean the one with black background)

- If it's possible, I'd like to have also logout and shutdown screens that match same theme :D

thanks a lot in advance

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:) Thanks for Suggestions !

Thank you for listening :)

BTW, Microsoft just released a new hotfix for kernel to address a problem with the hibernate feature

The fix is kb944092

Maybe you should update your vboot.exe (this also can be the time to rename it to vboot.exe to avoid not 8.3 filename problem) :D

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I create a gamer edition logo for xp using booteditor it working fine on my machine. but after apply it in xp cd, when i install it the logo show only 1 time then it show normal xp logo. how to create all 4 kernal files then create 7z file like this one that can i integrate using nlite(itz easy).........

in vista editor there i not found any exe creating option it show this option not available more i want to create that gamer edition bootscreen with all kernal and upload into net and give that to some of my frnds...

how it possible? :unsure:

see this my bootscreen screenshot...


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The File Is 0 Bytes After Downloaded And Can Not Be When Opened With 7 Zip, WinRar Or Winzip,

Nor Can It Be Used In nLite. Which Means The File That Is Available For Download Is Invalid And Useless.

Ive Tried Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, And FlashGet To Download This, But It's Always 0 Bytes.

PLEASE.. Someone Upload This "Vista RTM Boot Screen Compiled by ricktendo64"

I Have Searched MSFN, WinCert, And Google But To No Avail.

Please Upload a Working Copy For Service Pack 3 Final 5512.

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