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  1. WUD.v.2.40 build 1299 will not start

    I've also had this problem with the newest version not starting.. I tried the older v2.30 and it starts fine. Anyone know of a workaround or a fix for making the newest version start, or is it a bug in the program?
  2. [Release] PowerISO v4.2

    Hello, I know this thread is quite old, the last post was like a year ago but If you would be so kind as to update this to version 4.4.. I'd really appreciate it. ~or give me a link to a PowerISO v4.4 Addon?? PowerISO Website = PowerISO Download
  3. okay then.. change it to 'True' addon. Since that is the correct text
  4. Hi and thx for making this.. but what is a Trou addon? Do you mean True addon, or does Trou stand for something?
  5. vista explorer and shell32.dll for xp

    Actually VistaMizer Can be configured to a silent install via command lines. There is much information about this on the VistaMizer Website, Available at.. http://www.syssel.net/hoefs/windows/vistamizer.php?lang=en If you scroll towards the bottom of the page your will see "Parameter:" and underneath a bunch of commands for your silent install. I Use VistaMizer and I Absolutely love it. Its really a great program and it patches Each and Every individual file properly while making backups of the original untouched files for a safe uninstall. You can install VistaMizer on your PC and save the Patched Vista Shell32.dll and all other files, Compress them and then overwrite a custom install using them as well. I Recommend using this program before all others as it is very safe to try and patches hundreds of Windows system files to the look of Vista.. All the nice icons, pictures AVI files ETC. Just try it dude you wont regret it!! ~I can also help you if you need advice for using the patched vista files in a custom installation as well, let me know if you'd like.
  6. I Believe So.. I Tried Using The Same Boot Screen For a New nLited Installation of Which The Same Boot Screen Worked Before, But After Having Included Windows XP Post-SP3 Update Pack v2.0.0, The Boot Screen No Longer Displayed The Vista Style and Went Back To Default. I'm Forced To Believe That Some Hotfix or Security Update In The Update Pack Overwrites the Custom Boot Screen. Im not sure however, But that Seems The Most Likely. I Was Frustrated Because of This, But I Always Install "VistaMizer" After My XP Installation So I End Up With The Vista Boot Screen Anyways Plus Better Looking Icons and Such. I'd Recommend you Try That Software Out, Its Pretty Much Excellent With No Virus's or Crapware. A Little Advanced and Off Topic But.. Another Cool Thing Is That If You Want you can Edit The .BMP Picture Files This Software Installs In "C:\Windows\VistaMizer\bmps\", Copy The Ones You Custom Edited To a Different Directory, Remove The Software, Reinstall It, and Quickly While Your Reinstalling Just Copy The Custom Edited Files Over The Originals While The Installer Is Working using That Same Directory, Thus Allowing you To Have Your Custom Edited Files Used Instead of VistaMizers Defaults. Heres a link to The VistaMizer Homepage For Information If Your Curious... http://www.syssel.net/hoefs/windows/vistamizer.php?lang=en
  7. Well Im Sure glad To Have Helped You Out Man
  8. Hello Stoner81 ~Have You Tried The Link I Provided For Fixing Your Problem? If Your Using Service Pack 3 Final version 5512, The Downloads In That Post Should Work In Correcting Your Problem I Have Used This Boot Screen Numerous Times now When Creating an n'Lited Installation and All Were Successful. Here Is The Direct Download Link For SP3 Final v5512 Vista Bootscreen Addon http://www.mediafire.com/?xgm54xmbmvx
  9. Okay So After a Little More Searching I Found A Version For Service Pack 3 Final 5512. The Link Is @ http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3207 A Little Disappointed Because This One Seems To Not Contain The "KB940322 Hotfix" Added. Not Sure What Difference It Will Make With Or Without It, Just As Long as It Works.
  10. The File Is 0 Bytes After Downloaded And Can Not Be When Opened With 7 Zip, WinRar Or Winzip, Nor Can It Be Used In nLite. Which Means The File That Is Available For Download Is Invalid And Useless. Ive Tried Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, And FlashGet To Download This, But It's Always 0 Bytes. PLEASE.. Someone Upload This "Vista RTM Boot Screen Compiled by ricktendo64" I Have Searched MSFN, WinCert, And Google But To No Avail. Please Upload a Working Copy For Service Pack 3 Final 5512.