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Wifi Connection issues. Get tons of unknown packet errors


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I have a very strange issue that is now only half gone. By changing source cds it seems to have fixed about half my internet connection issue.

I started using a MS pre integrated Windows XP SP2 CD about 9 months ago. When combined it with nlite & ryans update pack after septembers release I had some serious issues with internet on both wireless and dial up (before september issue was not there same last session file). There are no errors with this problem. The problem is completely undetectable unless you try to use dial up or use wifi. When connecting your traffic sends out but all you get back is errors or nothing or very few bytes of data. This continues and then eventually the internet will respond sometimes hours or days depending on if you leave the pc on. On dial up this is an absolute nightmare and makes the internet useless. I tried everything I know and started adding back items I had previously removed with nlite. This had no affect untill I decided to change source and then the problem disappeared (even though the sources CRC was good.

Now the problem is only on one machine and the problem is different. I usta have the most trouble connecting to login type sites now that is all I have trouble with. They do not connect and timeout with a 404 error. I have a desktop also and have switched the cards between them (both USB or Cardbus). The laptop is the only machine with the issue. So I know it is an installation issue but what. I use the same last session file on both my desktop and laptop so its not nlite. I believe it is a update pack but what one I dont know?

I also have tried ryans integrator and had the same results nliting after. I checked my source disc many times and there are no corrupt files and no issues when used as a straight cd.

If anything has a clue what caused this I would love to know? I believe it might be something from IBM for my laptop and I'm looking into that.

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I was trying to do my own research on new items to remove safely with nlite & also see if I could fix the above problem. I did not want to remove anything that might cause more issues though. Since nlite does not describe very well what some of the items (not all) you can remove are or what they are related to or how it removes them. I tried looking up some of them and came accross this.


I have also used the "what not to remove for some apps" topic but it does not cover many of my concerns that this topic by bold fortune does.

There still remains one piece of the puzzle. That piece is how and what is removed exactly with certain parts of xp? Knowing that x file and x reg entry were removed with x component would be a huge help. At least now if I get a traceable error I should be able to narrow it down with this topic and the what not to remove topic. If someone knows of a topic that dives into what reg entries are removed with certain parts of xp I would be interested in reading that?

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