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Hey, My name is Stephen and i live in new jersey. But that is enough on that subject. I have been a windows user since 1997 when i got a 166MHZ P1 Gateway desktop as my first pc and that is what started me on computers along with the old commodore 64. I currently use NT4,2000,and Xp in my house and all 3 interoperate without a problem.

Current Systems

Laptop: Compaq Armada E500

CPU:Pentium III 700MHZ Coppermine


Ram: PC100 256mb

Display:14" TFT 1024x768

Video: ATi Rage Pro M1 AGP 2x 8mb


Chipset: Intel i440BX

OS: NT4 SP6a with MSIE6 and Desktop Update

Other: DVD-ROM Drive

Desktop: W2k Custom

CPU: AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ 2GHZ

FSB 266MHZ Double Pumped

Ram: DDR400 1GB

Display: 16" KDS CRT 1152x864

Video: Geforce 6600 AGP 8x 128mb

HDD: 40GB WD400 UDMA5 7200RPM

Chipset: VIA KT600

OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP4 IE6

Other: 8x CD Burner

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