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Creating user with nlite


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Hi users,

When i creating user with admin option by nlite there is an option remain. User password never expire option was not set to true. So after 10 days it ask for new password. How can i set that "password never expire" = "true"

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Thanks so much for replying me. I try much time create user with blank password. But after 10 days windows ask for new password.

And also thanks for add abilty to direct integration of WMP11.

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In what version will that be then?

in all of 1.3beta, 1.3 rc2 and 1.3 final..........

if you not agree with me try to create administrator privllage user with nlite having blank password and then install xp and check this user by administrator tool like "Computer Management" and then you will be find that "password never evpire" option was remain uncheked.

If you create user with OOBE then this option is cheked(true) as Built-in account administrator.

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Netuser is a freeware command line / batch program that will rename a user account.

usage: netuser username <settings>



/pwnexp:{y|n} sets Password Never Expires


netuser Administrator /name:"My Domain Admin"

netuser "John Doe" /name:DoeJ


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