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ris asking for a computer name?


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I've been able to get RIS to do almost everything I need to deploy XP to our desktops, but two final questions remain...

I'd like RIS to ask me what to name the computer, instead of assigning a computer name to it. I've been able to get this done through sysprep, but that's the only reason I would run sysprep after RIS finishes its install.

The second issue... sysprep (and other commands) only run once I've logged in once. I'd like to have a "runonce" that doesn't require a user being logged in, but depends on the network device to be and the computer joined to the domain.

Thanks in advance!

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have you tried editing your sif file so that the UserData section has COMPUTERNAME remmed out (put a semicolon infront to REM it out)




Fullname = something

OrgName = "%ORGNAME%"

ComputerName = %MACHINENAME%

change it to




Fullname = something

OrgName = "%ORGNAME%"

;ComputerName = %MACHINENAME%

for your second problem you need the following in your sif file (plus you may need another file, like a batch file to run other commands/apps via guirunonce)

OemSkipWelcome = 1
OemSkipRegional = 1
TimeZone = %TIMEZONE%
AdminPassword = "*"
; set number of autologins above by changing the number and removing the rem




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