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[Resolved] Is there any way to convert PST files to another format?


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I recently had to reinstall Windows due to a Hard Drive problem, and I found that I had lost my key for Office 2003. Now I had backed up my Outlook PST files, but programs such as Outport seem to require Outlook to be installed in order to convert from that format. Are there any programs that can read or convert PST files without having Outlook installed?

The program I am using for e-mail now is Thunderbird, if this helps.

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I'll bet that would have been easier, but I did something else: I remembered the 2 year old laptop in my closet had XP, and installed my copy of Office 2003 on it. Somehow, it activated, even though I had already installed it on another computer (Maybe Microsoft sensed that I no longer had Office on the first computer?). I then copied the PST's to the laptop, imported the PST's into that copy of Outlook, installed Thunderbird on that computer, imported the Outlook settings, and copied them back to my other computer. My Ethernet cables got a real workout from that.

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