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68 KB needed, if you consider replacement.


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Many KB replace old ones. So What the updated list of the KB needed ? This guys list them in his article:


A good read for the update lovers.

In my case since I dont use Internet explore or Outlook. Since I dont use all services (removed with nlite or stopped), and I have a firewall. The real list of updates (Post SPK2) is reduce to:











10 Kb only.

I respect Ryan project, but he should check if every thing is up to date in list of Kb to integrate. The list seem huge to me. What do you Think?

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Your probably going to have to use HFslip. There are other update packs besides ryans also. You can still use ryans and all that happens is the stuff that you remove does not get updated. Ryans pack is huge but you dont use it all. I'm the same way. If he made a slim version that would be better for downloading though.

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