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(should this go under networking?)

right, USB KVM switch? can I get one, i can't seem to find any! Seen one, but dunno if its any good, as its a manufacture ive never heard of.

Im looking at getting a Mac Mini, to try out a Mac, but they only have USB keyboard and mice, and my keyboard and mouse is also USB, so wanna be able to link up my current monitor mouse etc to the mac mini...saving space etc.

I don't really wanna spend a fortune on one, and remember, live in the UK.

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Here ya go....

I've got one, seems to work fine :thumbup


The OmniView SOHO Series USB KVM Switch with Audio from Belkin allows you to control up to four USB computers from one USB console. The innovative design provides built-in cable management and saves space while adding a whole new sculpted look to your desktop. Once the shroud slides into place, the cables conveniently flow through the back opening.

The Belkin SOHO Series USB KVM Switch offers advanced engineering, such as audio and microphone support, that enables you to switch between speakers and microphones without having to re-connect. To ensure compatibility with the latest computers and devices, a flash upgrade feature allows users to update firmware when necessary. Used with coaxial VGA cabling, the switch supports video resolution of up to 2048x1536@85Hz through a 400MHz video bandwidth, delivering the highest resolution possible without compromising display quality.

£59.94 Delivered.

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They've been around for quite a while. You can find them at most major stores, ebay and all. I don't know any stores in the UK, so I can't make any recommendations there unfortunately.

But don't just think about USB or PS/2 issues. AFAIK the mac mini has a DVI output. Not sure what your current setup uses, but the KVM is one type or the other (although one can use DVI -> HD15 adapters).

Buying KVMs can be a PITA... I'm dreaming of a 4 port dual DVI KVM, but it's not cheap at all (especially with all the cable sets).

SilverBulletUK: £59.94 Delivered plus 2 cable sets so an extra 20 to 25 £. And that switch has VGA/HD15 plugs, not DVI BTW.

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Cheers silverbullet! Spot on!

I just have never seen one! thnks :)

Ive got plenty of DVI convertors, so can solve that no probs.

Yeh, by the looks of it, need to buy cables seperatly?

Unless anyone knows any that are cheaper :P wen i get a mac mini, will get that.

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Unless anyone knows any that are cheaper :P

2 port KVMs have pretty much always been quite cheap.

If you want real cheap, try ebay, lots of things on there usually...

If you're lucky, you might get this Aten CS1774 for the inital bid (which is not much more than the other with 2 cable sets), which is MUCH nicer than the Belkin KVM: 4 ports - and comes with the 4 cable sets, is USB like the other, has a USB 2.0 hub built in for sharing other USB devices, a network switch too, has audio as well, etc.

If you really want something inexpensive, go for a KVM with the cable sets "built-in", like this one at £21 (dabs.com too) -- same as you'd pay for just the cable sets for the other Belkin. There's similar products from many companies, even on that same website (e.g. D-Link, Startech, etc)

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If you really want something inexpensive, go for a KVM with the cable sets "built-in", like this one at £21 (dabs.com too)

Thats even better tbh!

Pretty cool how u can plug 2 usb devices in, and then just have to use 1 usb on the PC..like it. (makes sense with it being USB)

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