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[Help] Yahoo Messenger Switch


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Switch: /s

Full syntax: yahoomessenger.exe /s

Extraction needed: No.

Notes: Download full install, not web install. Use Taskkill /F /IM YPager in addition.

How do I use the "TaskKill"? I tried the following but I get a YahooMessenger.exe not found.

yahoomessenger.exe /s
Taskkill /F /IM YahooMessenger.exe


- YahooMessenger.exe is the task name that appears in the Task Manager.

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duhh..that's not how you do it..this should work..

Taskkill /IM YahooMessenger.exe /F

the /f parameter must be present after the /im parameter and the image name..

open your command prmpt and type taskkill /? for more info

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