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  1. thanks All for the reply i will try them right now and tell the results thnks again
  2. thnks alot for the link i will try to try all of such solutions hoping to work thanks again
  3. no i meant the speed of coping from vista to xp computers are the same like downloading the same file with the same size with my net speed? for example downloading a file of 700 mb size take approximately 2 hrs with 1024 kb net speed on 120 kb/sec download copy the file from VIsta to xp OS take also 2 hrs although it shoud take only mintues as it happen between xp to xp OS
  4. i have two computers first one desktop pc with OS xp while the other HP laptop Vista OS i am trying to make files sharing between them BUt the file coping is too slow as i am downloading from net not coping so anyone help me how to make it fast as XP to Xp OS?
  5. Thanks for your reply actually i done that before thinking that the power supply may be the problm but i will try that solution and tell you the results thanks Alot
  6. i am soorry but i think that the usb didnot recognize some devices like my mobile when i attach it to the pc it doesnot recoginze it.Actually i began to doubt about what i figured out about the Power supply. Would you please help me to find out the solution and make my pc work propely?
  7. thanks alot i appreciate your reply ,and for the risks actually i got freeze on the pc for seconds i will try to reduce the HDD and would you please attach the image i canot see what is written on the power supply thanks in advance Thanks alot but for the damaged wire actually i covered it well but i guess i need a new power supply and thanks for putting your choice
  8. thanks alot for your reply and fast one actually i had a cutten power wire which i connect it to the hard disk and the wattage u meant voltage or wht actually i wrote alll numbers i can see voltage 110-230 v ,Current 6A and Frequency 50-60 Hz so any solutions? and are any risks to use more than 3 HDD and DVDRW? thnks in advance
  9. first of all thanks for your fast reply second thing the bold letters and in capital are AX4SPE Series but i guess i figured out what is the problem it because the power suplly i guess so as i am using 2HDD (160 and 80 Gb) plus DVDRW so when i put the usb device it make my windows on hold but i tried to let the primary HDD work only which is 160 Gb and then used the usb device it work for the webcam and the windows work fine so any solution for such problem? thanks in Advance
  10. thnks man alot for helping bt actually i tried that solution .it just install the driver for the usb again and not work same problem still and the model i dnt knw wht is it bt i will write all wht is written on the box of the motherboard ULTRA VALUE INTEL 865PE Chipset cPU: intel pentium 4 CPU, 800 MHZ chipest: Intel 865PE+ICH5 Main memory :DDR DIMM x4 Graphics:8X AGP slot Form Factor : ATX and by the way there is strange thing i noticed before such problm i was putting a USb ScanDisk it give me light it means it is in use bt now donot give light at alll Thanks man in advance for ur help
  11. Please help me out guys. When I use one of my USB ports the PC hangs and I need to reset my PC to get it working again. I´m using an AOpen motherboard but no idea what the model is. Would you be so kind to help me out, I´m new to this. Thank you in advance.
  12. pllz guys i want new sounds schemes i bored from all the sounds available anyone has a new one?
  13. first thanks for ur fast reply and abt nlie i attached the last session and wht i meant i installed on some pc and other pc it restart aft the first restart whn windows finsh copying also the biit screen not appear hope u can tell me thanks again for ur reply Last_Session.ini
  14. thanks alll for the reply and sorry for late i will give it a try and will c thanks all
  15. i made my attendand windows xp and it work great in some pc but in other pc it make continous restart even the boot screen not appear that happen immediatly after copying the windows files to the drive where windows will b installed and making the first restart then restart for ever help how to solve it
  16. thanks for ur reply can u tell me wht u r usin to remove the compenents?
  17. i delted windows sounds using nlite and now i installed it on my pc but i want to put again windows sounds? wht i can do to get them bk using any silent installation
  18. hahaha it ok man i will write the regular english i used to write txtsms it ok and thanks again for your reply
  19. hi all i heared abt making my pc as a http server anyone can surf also for downloading files and i read abt way using that site www.no-ip.com hope anyone tell me how i can do it in detail
  20. sorry for my late first thnks alot man for ur patient and ur reply bt here wht i talk abt http://www.msfn.org/board/Animated_Shutdow...l&hl=msgina i just want more ready files so i can replace thm directly thnks again
  21. thanks aloot guys aftr all ur comments i decided NOT DO IT AT ALLL thanks again all
  22. i want it like that image http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/3014/kasqs1.jpg that wht i mean excatly
  23. hi all i want like an advertisemnt system i duno it's name really so icalled it advertisment system it like go to any site and u must go through three steps each sstep u have to press on a button tht open windows for an advertisment and then go to next step autoatically till u reach to the page u want ? hope tht u got wht i mean i WANT TO KNOW HOW I MAKE IT plz?
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