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Old Laptop Win 98se or Win Me?


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Laptops seem to have customised BIOSs, so they don't have all the options that desktop BIOSs do.

The minimal hardware required is a 233 Mhz Pentium with 64 MB of RAM; but I doubt anyone wants to run Windows XP on a computer of that vintage. I’ve installed XP on a P-233 with 64 MB of RAM, and know that I wouldn’t want that for my computer. It was slow. I mean, SLOW.

It always amazes me how people don't (want to) realise that there's something wrong with the OS when it runs that slow on such hardware, when earlier versions run fine on it.

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In 98 you cant view photos as a pic in a folder, while in ME you can.

...my apologies if by "photos" you mean an alternate file type :)

Otherwise you can view .bmp, jpeg and .gif files in 98 folders by enabling thumbnails on the desired folders properties tab :)

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"Thumbnails" is not an option in the menu on Win 98, it is an option with Win ME (or by using 98SE2ME and adding the Win ME explorer shell (option 3).

Somewhere on this forum there is a software someone has mentioned that can add the "Thumbnails option in 98.

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