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  1. choosing thumbnails was not a possibility in my win98 installation. It was FE, so maybe thats the reason, but I assure you, there was absolutely no thumbnail option in any folder at all.
  2. Actually Iv've had 3 different antivirus the last year, first Norton, then F-secure which I didn't like, and now Nod32. It's the same with all threee, but I havent tested without antivirus.. But even if that worked, I couldn'tuse the pc for any amount of time without it anyway. I could try uninstall nod32 if you feel it has a purpose though. Strange thing is I have used the bootvizard.exe from MS, and I've tried better this a bit by fast opening a explorer window as soon as possible to make that also be optimized. And that actually works, If I optimize like that 3-4 times to make sure explorer windoed also get optimizes, it usually get quite alot better, not as godd as a new install though. Bad thing about it is that it only lasts for a short while.Like a couple of weeks at best if you don't change much on the pc.
  3. It's the same in safe mode. I didn't try without google toolbar though, but it's been this way since before there even was a google toolbar... or atleast before I knew about it. Seems to me only option is to reinstall... which I've done noumerous times for it to only come back... so It's not really any point doing that anyway.
  4. I really don't see the logic in this. When joe shmoe, average pc user, or grandma buys a pc system, they'll get to use that (OEM) software until the pc rusts apart. Most pople buying pc's like thist don't change nothing on their pc, and usually only buy a new pc if it's a good reason, like a new OS. But most often not just to get somewhat faster hardware, and same OS. But better hardware AND new OS, then they buy. So in general, most people buy only one licence of an OS before the next version. The pc hardware enthusiast on the other hand, he has to buy a new OS licence every six months if thats how often he likes to change his hardware. Why? I mean, why can't we also be permitted to use the OS for it's supported lifetime like Joe Shmoe and Grandma? In win XP's case, I would then have had to buy 12 Xp licences in the 6 years it has been around to be legal. Hey, thats not fair!! What harm do it do when I sell my old hardware piece by piece on ebay and buy new, and then reinstall the same licence I had before? Oh, sure They have been so kind that I could just buy the "Full" version then, for 3 times as much. Well thank you microsoft!! Gee, what a friendly gesture. I bet it's a way of saying thank you for me supporting all my relatives on your buggy and crashy OS. What's next? Will i have to buy a new Microsoft OS licence every time I buy more than one pair of RFID'd shoes in one year? "Because the EULA says so!"...? "We're sorry, but your Vista licence has expired because you have installed a new cpu, and bought a new jacket in the same month. Please purchase a new licence to be able to logon" Greedy bastards.
  5. $622 in Norway. Dang, with these prices for people with cracked xp versions, I don't think many running those will buy the legal version being it is so expensive. And who other then tinkerers/Pc builders/hardware enthusiasts/wares users/hackers need a full version non upgrade? I can't think of anyone... Actually, I feel that people like us, should get the lowest price, since it's us who on regular basis perform free OS support to family and frinds and help people we know get their systems up and working again. And what do we get for that? Double the price of OEM "grandma version"... Screw them, I was actually prepared to shell out this time, I even tried bying the xp cd key on their site, but got the message "with your cd key, you can't buy a fully legal cd key..." Huh? Think I'll stick with the one I downloaded instead.
  6. Ok, I see you have some valid arguments, and some not. I'm not going to discuss those any further. Anyway, I respect your stand that this can work for you, but I'll dare to claim that for most users on this old platform, sticking with it forever isn't a viable option in the long run. Given that was the original posters view, and the question being "what after w98?", I think we can safely bury this argument and get back to the question at hand.
  7. Thanks for the tip, but it didn't really help any at all. I didn't run the "autoruns" ssince I already run the "startup inspector" which I believe does the same thing, controls what gets loaded at boot. I did run the shellxview thing though, disablet a few things, but most are just windows componnents anyways. THe rest are just regular things like winzip, google toolbar etc. Not that many though. Anyways, didn't make a difference at all. I think it's kind of strange because when I open explorer, it shows the window quite fast, and the initial three with c: and som folders, but then it wants to show the contents of the start menu folder, and then the diskdrive goes crazy and finishes after 1,5 minute! And there's only one file and one folder in there!! Desktop.ini file and "programs" folder. don't understand why it takes so long to load that.
  8. I've had this problem since I first installed XP back in 2001, after ths OS has been installed a few months. AFter a boot, when the harddisk is finished loading, and it's ready, if I try opening explorer to view some files, it takes forever to show the file three. It also does this if say I boot, and then run the pc with email, web etc for half an hour, and then open explorer, no difference. Takes about 1 and a half minute or so. But second time I open explorer, it's not that slow, 5-10 seconds maybe, but still a lil on the slow side. Anyone know why this is? And if something can be done to fix it? I have reinstalled numerous times since 2001, and then explorer is fine... for a few months. And then gradually, it gets worse and worse. ANd no matter ho much I scandisk, defragment, reinstall ( not fresh, just "repair"), it's still the same. Bothers the crap out of me, since I don't really want to reinstall every 3 months, when everything else is working just fine. PC in question is athlon xp2100, 1Gb ram, xp SP2
  9. Wayward; there was option for other formats than quicktime there aswell, and if you choose the "high bandwith", you could just whach it on youtube. Here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1H7omJW4TI...;search=trusted
  10. But wow, 28 second boot? how do you manage that? It was 55 second to desktop, and 1min 10sec for the harddisk to stop load extras, I measured it right now. BUt thats with win 95,right? It was about the same with 98 on this machine though, not much difference. Seems it waits a while for the network card it seems.
  11. Well, I didn't meausure it, but I'd say it was about 2-4 seconds perhaps. But I believe there was more to it than just adding a line to the autoexec.bat file.. If you read the howto, 3 files is pached ( not sure what it really does though, add data I guess) plus adding that line to autoexec.bat. So I believe you won't be able to replicate it with just adding a line to your autoexec bat file... Also the splashscreen vanished. But if they claimed it was between 4-12 seconds, I guess it could have been a lil more. Anyways, the fast boot is one of the things I really love about this machine, as I really hate my 2,1Ghz, 1gb ram xp box slow boot. Granted, that machine has alot of crap loading though, IIS, dual screens, network cards, etc.
  12. Well, wehen i tried this trick on ME, I only had one single line in config sys, and it was still very much noticably slower.
  13. Well, I have to say it's hard talking to people who absolutely refuse to see things in a bigger picture than their own small playground. First off, you totally miss my point! Of course your old w9x apps will still work, as they still do on my commodore 64. THe whole point is; Computer usage CHANGE! If you can't see that fact, oh well, than it's impossible to reach out to you. No, your right, with commodores people usually didn't use the web. Why? Well mostly because no one new about it at the time, and back in 1983 I don't really believe there was much there anyway. You could still have browsers though, it has even been run as a webserver. THe point is, what we use our computers for change, we and the world around us both demand, and get used to using ever more advanced programs and applications. Old hardware /software can't keep up, and then if you want those new futures, you have to upgrade, one time or another. But your reasoning is like "Oh no, I like what I have with 9x platform now, and since I do , I never want or need anything else". RIght. As Bill gates said; " No one cumputer user should EVER need any more than 640 kb ram". Right. And no, I won't rely on you, a single person guaranteeing the usage of future safe web browsing for the 9x platform. Are you insane? Do you think Anyone just would take your word for it just like that? I'm not saying you couldn't, but When you compare all the programming going on in open source compared to what's being done to 9x, that seems more like a joke than anything else. Ok, to adress some of your comments, You don't necessarily need to klick "yes" to get a virus, spyware worms etc "when you use older OS you use older software" Well thats real dandy... when my boss send me an autocad file made in autocad 2007 which wont install on 9x. Ok, I just pop up my autocad 2002 then... but oh no, that can't open that new autocad files anyway... bummer. Well commodore could at one time edit and run MS documents... today it can't run s***. No, in 10 years you'll still have w95 and office 97 fully working. But do you really think office 2017 opens up that old documents anymore? It won't, so whats the point of using it then? It is no point! In a few years your online bank account acces will require you to run a tcpa enabled platform. Oh your hardware don't support it? Too bad, no bank account acces for you anymore then. Regular dvd's will most certainly ble replaced by hd dvd's. Just like vhs tapes dissapeared. No tcpa? Ok, no movie for you then. Microsoft office docuements aren't open formats. If it was, I would still be able to use my moms old word perfect, wouldn't I? No, your programs won't dissapear, or stop work, but they will become useless and pointless having, exept for games and playing that is. I'm not talking about computers as toys here, but as a real tool for productive and educational work. You on the other hand seem content with you pogo or pacman working in 10 years. I'm sure it will. As it still does on most commodores. By less functionality I mean less programs, popular programs like quake arena, GTA, autocad etc won't install, exept in emulators. If more people used the platform, those programs would be ported there from the beginning by the producer, thats not hard to grasp, is it. But anyway, I'm tired of trying to convince you there's any point in newer computer systems, because you obviously have decided for yourself what you have now will be good enough for you forever. Exept for the new browser you'll program everytime it needs an update. To the others following the thread I'd like to urge you to read up on tcpa and try to understand what's coming, and why the microsoft platform is something we should try migrating away from eventually.
  14. Exactly why I'm pressing the issue. If enough users migrate to other open source OS's now, they won't be able to deny information about device drivers as needed to write linux drivers if the customer base is large enough. It will just be a too great profit loss for the content suppliers, if alot of the users are shut out. But if there's no big migration pretty soon, that may very well become the case, that Linux and *NIX development stalls, and those OS's become obsolete and unusable. And then what...? Well then we will ONLY have microsoft left! And if that happens, it's bye bye to digital freedom to everyone. Screw dos games and win98 apps. This is about something way more important.
  15. A short summary of TCP; It's a small chip in your hardware, (Fritz chip) as of now on the mainboard itself (since about 2003-2004), vga card, etc. Will gradually become implemented into the cpu itself. It will; Make microsoft and others able to delete whatever they find illegal on your computer. Cut out any third party program they don't allow. Make them able to revoke any document, file, program whatever made on a tcp computer and to every computer those have been distributed to. Make those that control the fritz chip able to censor ANYTHING they see fit. If the government demands control over TCP, they will in fact control everything on any pc. Basicly the ones that controls the fritz chip ( as every pc sold today have), will have ALL control over the pc, and it won't be YOU! Read the whole FAQ on the second link, after you have done that, come back and THEN argument against this. I bet you'll be stunned.
  16. Well just to comment on a few of your comments... By being shut out of the web, I mean unintentionally.. like if there's not new development of browsers for the 9x platform ( because of too few users), and new and more advanced viruses and worms etc surfaces, then you WILL be shut out, because it's going to be impossible to use! I'm not saying w95 is TOTALLY obsolete yet... I'm saying it's starting as with the rest of the 9x platform, gradually... Like you can't get this and that program to install anymore... And don't come with "oh, but I don't have any interest in using that" Because in the end then, you'll be the only one left. With your reasoning I could say that my commodore 64 is still trucking along.... yeah sure with it's 115 baud modem and geos desktop... but can I use it for ANYTHING productive anymore? Hell no. Yes, DRM wil get cracked, no doubt. But that's not the problem at stake here, it's TCPA! (Trusted Computing Platform) A few links for those that haven't read up on it; http://lafkon.net/tc/ http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/tcpa-faq.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trusted_Compu...atform_Alliance Vista is the final piece in the puzzle to shut YOU out. Yes, ok reactOS is open source, but I just questioned if thats the way to go forward... emulating or to be similar to windows... I'm not sure if thats a good long term solution... could be though. Or not. Yes, I can imagine you feel very free on win 95.... as I also do on commodore 64... to do NOTHING! Which I guess will be your case in 10 years also, if you don't ever migrate to anything other than w95. Old hardware die out... and those that don't become gradually more incapable of running ever more power hungry applications. New hardware already refuse to install 9x OS's... some do, alot don't. Gradually, none will at all. In the end you'll be forced to either use your old hardware with the old software that exists, and gradually be shut out from the rest of the world in terms of not being able to open documents, no internat capability etc etc. If you can't see that coming, you really need a head examination! But of course, I'm not saying it's happening all of a sudden... I guess 9x could still be used even 5 years from now, but by then you will have alot less functionality than the rest of the world has, albeit more freedom. My point is, open source have as today less funcionality, but more freedom. That will gradually change until the point it will have more functionality, and still the same freedom! Viste on the other hand, will give you perhaps even more functionality, but less and less freedom, til the point where the lack of freedom is percieved as less functionality. By then, it will be even tougher to migrate than it is today. When would the best time to migrate away from the windows platform exactly be? I can't say for sure... but would it have been easier when we were at the dos level if it was around at that time? I guess so... Will it be harder when pc's have become super complicated dumbed down "content delivery" machines, not educating you to do anything or learning anything about how things work? For sure... THats also my basic point.. I believe it will become harder to migrate, the longer we wait. And by the way, I also like ( not love though) my windows... it's their policies and politics I can't stand.
  17. Ok, just found it http://www.geocities.com/mfd4life_2000/ It paches and changes a few files so you get real mode dos from the boot. I just did that, and it worked as it said. But then again, it also made the boot slower, which was the reason they removed dos from the boot process in the first place... Oh well, I easily removed everything rather quickly with system restore, so I got the faster ME boot again. :-) Much rather have the faster boot, and just use the floppy the extremely few times I need dos.
  18. Well, there's also the command window in Me, and I haven't yet not been able to do what I wanted in that... as in 2000 and XP. In fact I do run a dos mediaplayer in ME which I launch automaticly through the connand window/quasi dos... and that works fine... I don't have alot of dos apps though. Can't really see the need for it. But anyways... It has been said that dos , real mode dos is in fact enableable in ME anyway...? Anyone know how to do it? But if thats the case, there isn't really alot of arguments left for not using me...exept for "more buggy" of course.
  19. I've had lots of thoughts about this issue also. Actually it first came up with the release and description of win xp, but I decided at that time I could wait a few more years since xp only had the "call-home" functions, and not shutting the user out for real as with vista. But we have to face it, even though I'm writing on a 9x computer now, it's time is coming to an end. Gradually we will be shut out, first new programs, and eventually the web itself. But so will xp and 2000 pretty soon, and then there won't be any other option than vista's DRM hell! If you look at it with a view long into the future, vista and the os'es following it, will severly limit your and my digital freedom, in any way they can. Expect the grip to be tightened little by little, not so much that regular people will protest, but inch by inch they will take your computer freedom away from us all. This issue is coming, if you like it or not, and you WILL need to make a choice at one time or another. Is 98 fairly compatible with almost everything today? Yes. Will it stay that way forever? Hell no. Soon Xp and 2000 will face the same problems. I agree with all of you saying linux is not for you. It's a hassle. Jackhammer is almost unusable. win98's unofficial updates are hampered by almost no developers, and no real knowhow by the users to do anything themselves to further the work Xeno did. The bottomine is; As win98 gradually becomes more and more unusable/uncompatible with the rest of the world, and a little later xp/2000, the other alternatives will become gradually more interesting. I feel that tinkerers, and power users like us, with no real programming skills, will in the long run benefit the most migrating AWAY from the microsoft platform, whatever OS. Remember that almost every unix program ever written, still runs on almost any linux/unix distro. Microsoft on the other hand will continue to obsolete their older systems as they see fit, as needed for their profit growth. That in addition to the DRM thing, which essentially takes away your control over the computer and your files, says to me that migrating is unavoidable, it's just a matter of when! As many of you have experienced, swapping all you ms knowhow, files and programs over to linux/unix isn't just that easy, I feel that the smartest way to go about things is to rather plan on a long term migration. Say starting in 2007 with a full migration sometime in 2 years time. Which is about the time xp and 2000 will become obsolete. I'm sure some security fixes will be availiable, but not new programs and such. As have been the case with 98. THe benefit that will gradually become more clear, is that the more users of different linux distros, the better they will become. We as power users and tinkerers, who often perform the quasi or "home" computer helper/technichian, have the ability to convince people they should also migrate to another platform. The more users it gets, the more resources will be availiable for development of open source software, and the more options we as users will get to use that software. The situation now, with 98 becoming obsolete and incompatible for instance, that would never happen on that platform. I'm not sure about reactOS.. the main thing in my mind is that whatever OS platform you choose, it should be open source, so no one company or person can obsolete it, andmake it impossible to develop further, for further use.As more users use open source, hardware manuftacturers will have to also comply with their need and wants. Look and Firefox for instance, it hasso many users developers cant simply dismiss them longer, and if the growth continues, it will get even better, with web applications also optimized for it. So will also be the case with games and apps, if there's sufficiently amount of users on linux, messengers and popular games will also be developed to that platform. The migration is going to hurt, as in all cases where there are rewards at the end, there will be initial expenses and chores to be done first. But the longterm benenefit is quite clear, and if we don't do it, we will be sucket into microsofts wet dream of controlling erevry single human being on this planet, and whatever they do with a computer. I for one is not going to let that happen to me. We all need to at one point or another find the guts to say Goodbye windows, and Hello freedom! To the initial poster I would say that I don't have a readily availiable do-it-all solution after w98. But if you'll accept that it won't be a "quick and easy fix", (as with the sigarette comparison) You can have the slower but permanent fix. All the tinkering we guys typically do, usually don't benefit others than ourselves, and maybe a few friends on the microsoft platform. However, the same amount of testing, tinkering on the linux platform, can lead to a free and new release for everyone to enjoy. And we don't even need to be programmers to contribute; Just testing things and reporting issues is of great help! If someone could establish a mass migrate movement that would be of such value for all of us in every way. Lets hope someone pics up the idea, and let us hope we one day can say so long windows, and good riddance!
  20. Well, I'm personally on a 266Mhz, pentium laptop which is very similar to your setup. It had initially 32 megs of ram, which was way too little for running win98FE it came with. So I bough two 64Mb sticks foe about$30 delivered. I know it says win98 only needs alot less ram, but that would work only if you run one program at a time, or only one browser window. I had a few problems with msvrg32 stop responding and what not, so I opted to upgrade it to ME and have been very happy with it since. Grantedm I've only run it for a month, but it works way better than it did, and ME also has some nice additions to it, which you'll need to install as extras to 98. I don't care much about dos either. And basicly, I don't really see the point of using win98 to be able to use dos, when you can just boot up with a dos diskette on ME... Please someone explain that to me if I've got it wrong. For me, this laptop is for "light" use. That means, it's mostly, web, writing light editing og photos etc and such I'm using it for. In 98 you cant view photos as a pic in a folder, while in ME you can. System restore is know as "bad" since it could back up a virus if you went to a restore point which had one. Sys.restore has an update, which I belive adresses this. I didn't read the accompanying document. But anyways, something to consider. But as I see it, it's better having a system restore than non at all. If you managed to get rid of the virus the first time, you'll do again. I don't see the huge negative sides with using ME at all. In fact, I like the look and feel better, and if your not going to tinker alot with the OS itself, Me has more and better feautures out of the box. If you want dvd decoding on a prosessor this slow, you better get a margi card, it decodes dvd's in a pc card format. Note however, that your laptop MUST be ZV(Zoom Video) capable, if not it won't do anything. THey can be had for around 6-7$ on ebay usually. And NO, it don't take alot more time to install ME than win 98, it's about 30-40 minutes. Plus parts of ME over 98; You get moviemaker 1 System restore view pics in folders Fresher look More stable IMO More apps will install ( not alot though but messenger 7.5 for instance) Most all of what works on 98 also works on me Mediaplayer 7.1-9 AND "classic" 6.4 as default Protection of system files Not needing to reboot as often If you connect a digital camera, it will retrieve the pics instantly (WIA feauture) Improved home networking, IE, you connect to a XP pc and want to get files, it will be more smooth PChealth Plus! pack for 98 built-in hibernate feauture... (is it in win98?) usb mouse works the instant you plug it in UPNP universal plugplay which actually works New tcp/IP stack ICS internet connection sharing I'm sure there are more, it's the ones I found atleast. In short, it feels like a win XP "light", without the hassle of needing to install extra apps to get things to work like you want to like with win98. Negatives; Well I don't really know any in particular, exept for the possibility of restoring a virus with system restore. It's supposed to be more "buggy", but I haven't noticed it, or any general problems. In fact I'm very happy with it! I think that it's become a bit of a sport to bash ME, and thats a big reason why it's not that popular as 98. Given the differences when it was released, I can see why someone who had just paid for a 98 version, and had that up and running with alot of tweaks this and that didn't wantto shell out for the extra me feautures. And I guess the unpopularity just stuck. It hasn't really had that many users, so the ones who bash it mainly does it by what they've heard bad about it. Also, for business users, alot of the digital media enhacnements are nonsense. For the experienced win98 user, used to jump down to dos on the fly running a dos app, and then fast back into 98, I guess ME was felt as sort of restricting, in the sense they couldn't do things the way they were used to. That had a BIG impact on me's reputation... But IMO the OS itself isn't a problem, it's what your used to before it. Personally I've come a LONG detour around win 3.1, 95 and 98 to end up on me. Granted, I have used all of them, but not extensivly, exept from writing letters. I came from the old "workstation" platform, on autocad and other construction programs, running first unix, sun, intergraph ( now microstation), win NT 3,5 & 4 with autocad, then win 2000 and then win xp 6 years ago. So I don't have the "inheritage" of using dos 1.0 to 7.0 win 3.1, win95 win98 etc. So I'm not "used" to things needed to be done in this or that way. And maybe thats why I don't feel using ME as a restriction or problem at all. Because I really don't, I cannot see for the love of God whats really wrong with it at all. Win ME is the system I feel works best out of the box for this old laptop. Basicly, I'd say try me first, and if you can get it working without big problems or stability issues, then just stick with it! If not, consider downgrading to 98.
  21. Wow! never though of that...ghosting it that is. :-) Well, I've had the ghost program for ages after I got it at my old job, but never really tried using it. I'll give it a go now though. Couldn't really find any Norwegian win98FE on the net anyhow, this saves me the trouble.
  22. Well, I commented about the warez thing because this was/is meant to be how to do it legally in the first place. Anyways, where I'm at, Norway, It's NOT illegal to download digital content from the internet for your own personal use. Filesharing and distribution IS. However, Since I can not be 100% sure that my moms employer at one future time wants the ancient laptop back, I wanted to preserve the original software, and its keys, serials etc if I ever need to return it to it's original state, as delivered to me. Because if I dont, and I use some OS downloaded from the internet in it, when delivered to her employer, it will no longer be "personal use", and thus illegal. I recently threw away 7 old pc's, running win 98, win NT and win 2000 I got from My old employer as I no longer had the room or need to use them. The hardware was so old they didn't do much good, (200-300Mhz PII). But the licences on those machines was mine to use as I saw fit, although I didn't know at the time how to preserve my right to continue using them. Basicly, I feel I'm VERY well intitled to use any of these old OS's, firstly because I've owned several machines with them, secondly because they are outdated and no longer supported, and thirdly because it's not even illegal for personal use in my country, even if you have never owned a license. I have been personally approached by the RIAA through my internet provider here on university campus, and they where VERY clear about the legal matters, and gave me in writing that downloading content without uploading for personal use, is as of right now, still very much LEGAL. Thanks for you help so far though, I'm in the middle of fabricating new screen brackets for the old girl, since the plastic had all broken straight off, screen dangling from the electric cords only. When I'm done with that I'll get to the software part.
  23. Seems they go for between $50-100 and I think thats way too much since its obsolete and all. Alot of them are selling them with the text "use for upgrade to vista" as I beleive you can't do anyways...
  24. Oh, new question... all the windows editions I found on ebay being upgrades where in english... can the OS be upgraded from a Norwegian version to an english version, or won't that work? Because full versions are a little harder to find... and more expensive aswell.
  25. Warez?? LOL... this is perfectly honest situation where I'm asking how to go about things to NOT have to use warez.. There ought to be tons of old used equipment out there where the original owner has misplaced the original software. Seems you guys dont have alot of experience retrieving the original software this way, and I'm not too sure what that says about whos most accustomed to using warez... me or you guys. Give that some thought. I will need the media one way or the other, either used, a copy, or whatever. Remember, Microsoft don't sell this anymore, so how could you call a copy of the original software warez when one has the licence key for it? As to WHY 98FE... It's just what I have installed, and a licence for. I know of course SE is better, but I don't have a licence for it. I just lack the cd media.

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