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Scandisk/scandskw surface test w/45gb partition problem


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...edit: nevermind, it was just a fluke, only reason I overreacted was because I NEVER get spontaneous reboots on my main system (almost never get any errors at all), ESPECIALLY right in the middle of scandisk...

-ps: scandisk log didn't show anything, chkdsk /r in winXP = same thing, HD health=perfect... this was weird... oh well, it happens...


my bad

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Check PSU.

-well, I game (cs:source = heavy load, w/my p4 + 9800pro vid card) for several hrs straight, and no glitches/pwr symptoms (psu=420w) ever, so I doubt it was pwr issue... but thx for the idea, anyway...

-I DID, just the day b4 the scan, find/yank a bad molex pwr "Y" cable, kept cycling my 2nd HD... and that WAS the HD which I was scanning when the reboot occurred, so perhaps that caused a bit of corruption which (for some reason) scandisk's surface scan couldn't handle... ?... still strange, tho... oh well.

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