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Webcam on ME


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2 months ago, I spent 5 hours reinstalling my niece's PC with ME (that's what was on it at first, ...don't ask). I added the latest unofficial SP, IE6, Office 2K, all latest drivers and patches, and it was running very well. Now... she bought a webcam "compatible 98, ME, 2K, XP" and it doesn't work on that comp. All seems to install OK but there is no picture from the cam. Only a black box. I brought the cam back to my place where I kept a ghost image of that PC and indeed, I have the same problem on my own computer (all drivers are installed). The cam works ok on XP and on 98 (also USP2, IE6 etc). I tried a clean install of ME... and it works. Sh..

As the istall takes more than 20 minutes (it installs DX9.0c, then copies loads of crap to the HDD), I'm not planning to go step by step to see what was THE modif that makes it not work anymore. Any body got an idea out of the blue ??? I'm clueless. Thanks. I'll answer all questions. You know :blushing: how I feel.

"Hercules Webcam Classic", drivers and program are up to date according to the "live update" they provide.

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-hmm, sounds like something the Great Guru MDGx could answer right off the top

of his spark-emitting head... :thumbup


(ps: I've just recently added a cheapo webcam to an ancient ME install, after applying many

of the unofficial updates (tho not sesp2, IE6, or any WMP stuff above 7.1), and it was

immediately recognized and working perfectly in seconds...)

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An other info:

-on the installs it doesn't work, the "webcam parameters" are not showing (they appear for a split second when I click the button.)

-On the "clean install", I removed all Windows components (in "Windows Setup" or something) that could be suspected from making a difference, and it still works.

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