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Driver integration question


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What do you mean by "gui mode (PNP)"

Heres what my last session driver list looks like (last line):

I chose the SiI680r.inf text mode file and it added the PnP680r automatically...is this what you mean?

Or are you referring to the Raid manager that usually sits in the tray?









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What do you mean by "gui mode (PNP)"

GUI Mode (PNP) means the driver used by Windows itself, not the driver used by the TEXTMODE part of Setup..

Basically I want to know if I integrate the txtsetup.oem into my CD with nlite, will Windows use the driver, or do I need to load up the inf file again (from a different folder) in order for the controller to be installed in device manager?

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Windows did use mine as integrated using the .inf as a text mode driver, no further driver loading was necessary in the Windows gui after install. It also recognized the device during initial install without having to hit F6 (storage device driver selection) as normally was needed. (nLite 1.01 is what I'm still using)

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