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hi all, ok i need a easy i mean easy way for a user to export their event log and email to me, does anyone know of a program that can simply export the eventlog and email to me, or maybe something i can put into a webpage that would read the eventlog and save it as a text file?

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This should work:

@echo off

echo Gathering System Event log in TXT Format...
dumpel.exe -l system -f %COMPUTERNAME%_system.txt

echo Gathering Security Event log in TXT Format...
dumpel.exe -l security -f %COMPUTERNAME%_security.txt

echo Gathering Application Event log in TXT Format...
dumpel.exe -l application -f %COMPUTERNAME%_application.txt

echo Gathering Event logs in EVT Format...
dumpevt.exe %ComputerName%_ -s Security

That'll dump all of the logs usually found on a workstation to .txt and .evt files, named %COMPUTERNAME%_<logfiletype> for both .txt and .evt files. That way you can quickly look at the txt file for searching (or for parsing via vbscript :)), or you can load the .evt file up the slow way and see around. The benefit of the .txt files is that it exports the events exactly as they are on the machine - an evt file will use the .dlls on the machine viewing the files to show the data, and if your .dll files are different than on the machine the logs were generated, you may get incorrect or missing data in a log entry.

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