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Directx 9.0c December not installed at T-13

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All my searches so far revealed that using

dxsetup.exe /silent

will result in a silent installtion of DirectX 9.0c after extracting the original redistribution archive. This works fine for me after the installation, but if I execute this statement atT-13, DX9 is not installed.

Not appearing as an installed program anyway I use dxdiag.exe to determine the state of the installation. After a successful installation, there are a whole lot of new files listed in the files tab of dxdiag, all bearing the current date. When I try to do this a T-13, these files are simply not there. With the first release of DirectX 9.0c this worked perfectly - only it became unnecessary after SP2 for a short while since DX9 is included.

As mentioned above, searching for this in connection with problems at T-13 didn't bring up anything in this forum, otherwise I wouldn't have posted. I only find the same answer over and over. So maybe somebody has any idea what the problem could be.

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it works if you change Exe. You have to replace dxsetup from DirectX 9 (size : 473kb) with the one from DirectX 8 (size : 47Kb).

After, launch it with (it's the commandline I use in a BAT/CMD file scripted in "CMDLINES.TXT") : %systemdrive%\winapps\directx\dxsetup.exe /install /silent

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dont use other files. just open the dxsetup.exe with winrar and extract its contents. to install it silently use the extracted file dxsetup.exe /silent

not the original dxsetup.exe (wich you extracted the setup files from) downloaded from microsoft.

works fine and i have installed this thousand times now.

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Nope still doesnt work

what exactly didnt work?

if you extract the files and use the file dxsetup along with /silent it will work.

my runonceex entry (i have installed this tons of times)

REG ADD %KEY%03 /VE /D "Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Dec 2006" /f
REG ADD %KEY%03 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\directx\dxsetup.exe /silent" /f

by the way, run it from your hard disk just in case. some setups dont like to be ran from read-only media.

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Yes i did that, cause when i use the same installer from wpi/runonce it works.

And how i know it doesnt work?, cause when i try to install 3dmark 06 it says it needs DirectX to install.

When i run the DirectX before 3dmark 06 in wpi/runonce it doesnt ask for DirectX.

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