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Upgrading Optiplex GX270 Memory

Dell and Rodney

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 with 512MB of RAM. I want to upgrade the memory but some say i HAVE to do it via Dell or i have to reactivate and they may not do this as its not provided by them. Is this true? if not which memory would you recommend i should purchase? and how do i know if im buying the correct memory for this PC?


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You can buy good, compatible memory from www.crucial.com. On their page, on the top-right, choose Dell -> Optiplex -> GX270.



(John, you took the words right out of my mouth :whistle: )

If there's anything special about Dell ram,

it's just that they probably buy the cheapest ram that they can.

If you buy a 1 gig stick for instance, put it in the first slot and move the 512 to slot #2.

Good Luck,


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The only reasons vendors say to buy from them is that they are able to sell you more product, and that they can guarantee it'll work with what came with your PC (I've purchased memory from Dell for an Optiplex that didn't work with the included memory, so they had to send me two new sticks, so don't count on that "guarantee" either). Since other vendors will provide memory compatible with your machine (crucual is one, buymemory.com is another I swear by), there's no reason not to save some $$$ and go with a 3rd party. Don't let Dell scare you! :sneaky:

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