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Question on Proxies


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Thanks again McTavish & LLXX.

Well A4proxy seemed very simple to use. I tried but failed it to make it work. I did exactly what was stated in the help pages but was not be able to connect to the internet with A4proxy in the first place. I tried all the troubleshooting in the help files but failed. Any ideas??

As far as proxymitron goes I tried that too and was able to connect to the internet, but was not sure how to

....You could spoof a Forwarded header in your requests so that it looks like your real address is a proxy and the spoof is your address.....
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You have to config your browser to use A4Proxy/Proxomitron as a local host proxy. Did you follow these instructions, http://www.proxomitron.info/45/help/Installation.html

Just remembered, A4Proxy won’t work with secure connections, where as Proxomitron will.

The forwarded header is the last one on the list in the Header Filters. Just tick the Out box. Then click to edit it and put any IP address you want in the ‘replacement test’ field.

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The A4proxy help file says as follows:-

"From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.

On the Connections tab, click the LAN Settings button

Select the Use a Proxy Server option.

Click on the Advanced button.

In the HTTP, Secure and FTP fields, enter as the Proxy address to use and 80 for the port number. Do not modify other entries. Do not select the Use the same proxy server for all protocols option.

Click OK everywhere to save your changes and close the dialog."

Hence I guess it does support secure http....

I did everything exactly as stated in the A4proxy manual/help including setting up the browser for local proxy (thats the first thing I did). Even though the browser won't connect to the net.

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I read the whole help file of proxomitron for the header thing.

I did the changes as you said and put a dummy IP, and I can see that dummy IP in the "HTTP message log" by "X-Forwarded-For:

So now the server of the website I am viewing will see that I am accessing it through that dummy IP??

I think I am not done yet....right? becoz whois still figures out my real IP.

So in the next step, I should connect an anonymous proxy thorugh proxomitron to hide my IP completely??

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Some sites will ignore the X-Fowarded-For header and just show the IP of the machine that's connecting, whether it's a proxy or not.

Go ahead and connect an HTTP proxy if you want, but it'll probably be too slow for normal use.

I think X-Fowarded-For should be all you need for regular use.

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A4Proxy will route secure connections, but the header filter gets bypassed, so does not work.

Do you really understand what I said earlier? Unless you have stopped all leaks of personal information out of your computer, then you are wasting your time just hiding your IP. It would be like making an anonymous phone call from a stolen phone and then saying your name and address. Your IP address is not used in any way to gather information about you – it can’t be because it means nothing. You get profiled by your computer ‘saying you name and address’ across the connection, even if that connection is being bounced around the world through anonymous proxies.

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