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How do I edit a VS.NET .exe 's bitmaps?

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I do not know VS.NET programming but but would like to know what application I need in order to edit an .EXE 's bitmap resources, I've downloaded decompilers that show them to me but do not edit them.

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That has nothing to do with VS.NET.

Look at http://www.resedit.net/ or http://www.heaventools.com/resource-tuner.htm

Well, let me be more especific.

I want to edit synctoy.exe, The Syncronization Powertoy.

I would like to edit it's BMPs, but, it cannot be done with resource hacker or others like that, because it's compiled in VS.NET for what I gather. I downloaded a program; 'Reflector', that lets me SEE the resources, so I know images like SyncToyUI.Leftgraphic.bmp are there, but haven't been able to edit them.

How can I take that exe, edit the bitmaps, and have it working. Even if I have to recompile in the process, but how?... very detailed please.

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Hex editor. Extract the bitmap to a separate file, edit and save, then copy+paste back into the original file.

No use man. No Hexeditor detects theses bitmaps. Internally they're not otdinary resources but they ARE there, and seem to be valid. I edited just a pixed and it opens the debuger. Like some kind of header was lost when saving it or something.

if someone would just download the SYNCTOY and try to edit the bitmaps.

No just anybody can accept the challenge.

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Fairly enough. It had the BM header, I search for a chain of pixels of speficic colors that appeared in the image side by side, they were there, BGR BGR ..., I've done that kind of thing with other EXEs, but I tell ya, it's got some kind fa trick, maybe it counter checks itself? against... something?

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I replaced bytes not added, and I did after the whole header, where it clearly had the image data.

So, did you changed a BMP suscessfully?

If so, what software or method did you use?

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This is really something.

I wrote a script for mIRC (I made someone laugh) it can extract the BMPs and replace them with new ones.

this is really weird the BMPs are repeated in deferent parts of the file.

I edited the extracted bitmaps with mspaint for simplicity got same sized files but opted to insert only the image data because in the four times repeated file theres seem to be an odd one, the bytes that indicate the size of the file IF they where compressed, which there not, was not set to 0, but this is supposed to not matter if theres no compression, even so I just edited the image data.

I edited the bytes with the edited BMP, but it had the same image, so I could test if the process of edited the file was damaging it. Did not, it worked.

But if I insert a different image, it does load, I edited the four images, and every one individually with the same result.

Its not a built in pallete because I used an included color.

Is there any kind of protection that work like this?

Could it be adding the value of each byte and comparing it with a preset value?

I KNOW the process of editing it could be called flawless, so what kind a protection does it have?

Theres gotta be some kind of precedent, or let's make this one.

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I wrote a script for mIRC (I made someone laugh)
You just made another one laugh :lol:

Seriously, learn a real scripting language like Perl.

I remember .NET programs can have some "integrity verification" - I forgot the term (locked assembly? fixed assembly?) but a few Googles should get some. I don't work with .NET much, if at all.

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