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rulesPlayer v0.99 (3-23-07)


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these updates are coming fast lately so I waited a few builds lol :D



Keybindings different from space now work while the playlist button or checkboxes are focused

Removed strings 86 and 87 from translations because they were there by mistake

Removed two debug messages I forgot...

Improved inc,incf,dec,decf

Fixed dec and decf was actually increasing the value

Fixed $app_version variable to be readonly

wheelup and wheeldown mouse bindings now work

Mouse bindings now support shift,alt and ctrl modifiers (only shift and ctrl for wheelup/wheeldown)

Added default bindings for wheelup/wheeldown to adjust audio volume

Small performance improvements


Rearranged and documented lang_English.kfg

Updated the codepage menu to the original MPlayer encodings list

Small performance improvements

Fixed some problems with opening files from explorer


Added support for translations

Added support for custom help for commands

Added new commands: setstring,sethelp,setimage,updateui

Added new escape sequenses reconginized by the console - \n and \t

Added new syntax for variables - $#123 will be replaced with tanslatable string with id 123

The config files now support multiline commands

Re-introduced the feature to center along with "resize after movie", but this time optional

Updated the command for contextmenu/playback/play to playorpause

Fixed the time indicator showing negative values when holding left arrow to rewind at the beggining of the movie

Fixed bug where the recent files are lost upon relaunch of the player

Added missing command to the list of commands - info

Small performance improvements

The second startmenu shortcut is now optional in the installer

Fixed problem with faq.txt in the startmenu program group

Updated readme.txt with some of the new features

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new homepage :thumbup



Fixed @ prefix now works per command instead of per line (which means "@cmd1 && @cmd2" is now valid instead of "@cmd1 && cmd2" to prevent both commands from echo)

Fixed missing string for "stick on top" in lang_English.kfg

Fixed bug in deleting playlist items

Fixed and improved playlist saving

Fixed bug in loading playlist where MPlayer was first item was started several times

Added feature to remove the titlebar

Added new commands to allow the context menus to be populated with some more dynamic menus: menu_audiotrack, menu_dvd, menu_language, menu_playdvd, menu_recent, menu_subtrack, menu_system

Added some new junk to the default context menu

Added new context menu - ctrl+mouse3 to display system menu about the file

Added features to minimize/close/reside in tray

Added pladd2 and pladdurl2 commands

Added plsearch command

Added a small utility to extract web tv channels

Changed the logo (thanks to Tod)

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