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Hacking brother


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Okay, so I have a load of games that I have purchased myself and do not wish to let my brother play due to the content etc. (and the fact that he is spoiled and gets whatever he wants).

Anyways, he is 10 and I am 17.

Today I get home from work and he has somehow changed my password.

The computer has 2 accounts: Mine with a password, and the other with no password. Both are admins.

So all he had to do was log onto the other account and go into the User Accounts menu (via the control panel), remove my password and create a new one. Well in doing so I lost a sh*tload of encrypted files etc.

I changed it back, but I know that he is just going to do it over and over until I change something.

Any suggestions?

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First things first, he didn't "hack" anything. All he had to do was point and click.

Now, like the others have posted, password the admin account, don't add a hint, just use some random alphanumeric key, like a combination of your social security number and your last name. Something that's easy to remember but that he would never guess.

Adding his account to the limited users section wont do anything really, besides limiting what he can configure on the PC.

Do what I do and limit his access to the folders.

First we create an account for your bro, since he doesn't have one.

While logged in as admin, or your account, right click My Computer and click Manage->expand the Local Users and Groups list->without selecting any of the names in the box, right click in there and select New User->Enter a name and leave the password blank, if you want->Hit OK->double click the newly created account and go into the Member Of tab->Delete the group that's in there (IIRC it should be Power Users, if it's users just leave it there) and click the Add button->in the text box, type Users and click the check button. It should add something like "PC_NAME\USER_NAME".

Now we get rid of the simple file sharing by doing this:

Go into My Computer->select Tools in the toolbar->Folder Options->click the View tab->scroll to the bottom and uncheck the selection which says "Use Simple File Sharing"

Now we do the hard work. I'm going to assume that your programs are all in C:\Program Files. Change the directory as needed:

Go into C:\Program Files->Right click the folder which contains the program you want to block->Goto Tools->Folder Options->Click the Security tab->Click the Add button->add your brother's account. Do this for every folder, main folder where the program is, that you want to block him from.

NOTE:DO NOT ADD THE USER GROUP, ADD ONLY THE SPECIFIC ACCOUNT. In this setting there's no need to block the whole group, just the specific account.

If needed, I'll post up screenshots for the steps.

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