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[NEW INFO PLEASE HELP] WinXp M$ Update.. networking protocal issu


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Basicly every time I turn my pc on I have to wait once connected to the wireless network to actually get a response back :angry:. This wait is never less then 5 mins and usually never more then 20 mins. I have tried everything I can think of to figure out why my pc basicly has to have a warm wifi card/modem to work.

Please read below if you can help. My pc has wireless & my parents has dial up

A few ms updates back this happened around Ryans 2.1.1 I think it started & I'm completely lost as to why. Here is what I have tried and why I'm certain something in Ryans pack could be the culprit or at least something thats new in one of the updates that MS added or a reg entry outside of TCP-IP.

Here is what I have tried:

1. I have reset all TCP-IP setting to both optimized and standard reg entries of windows xp. I used SG TCP Optimizer to do this then captured those reg entries and included them in my install cd. SG TCP Optimizer can be found here:


3. Tried renewing my IP. Pinging my conection and all that.

2. I have tried updating drivers, yet the old ones do the same as the newer ones and the old ones were part of my install before the problem appeared.

3. I have tried putting back stuff removed from previous nlite discs that I could always remove without issues yet nothings made a difference. I have used nlite since the early alpha stage (.95 I believe, 04 sometime) and have narrowed down a lot of components that can and can not be removed over the course of using it. Things are always changing within the updates and new depedancies are always popping up.

4. Also reg entries are always changing or changing how they work. I have been lucky so far and been able to find the problem entries that cause the issues through trial & error, yet since there is no program I know of that checks if reg entries still work. I can't be certain that this is not some unrelated reg entry causing this issue. When I have imported my reg entries manually I get no error messages for a bad entry. I have gotten this type of error in the past and was able to find the problem key that way. I can post my entries if someone thinks that might help to uncover this mystery problem. I basically have the standard entries (all from msfn) and a few I have created for my own GUI display options.


This is slightly different problem on dial up as it is on wireless. On dial up what happens is the send and receive packets freeze's and you get no activity. Then all of a sudden you get a large burst of say 1,000 packets and then another burst of 1,000-2,000 but no web pages can be displayed in the time. Then after about 20 or more mins the connection responds and it starts to both send and receive packets. After that long delay it seems to act normal until you have to dial up again and then it's back to the 20+ min wait as before.

WIRELESS 802.11b/g Problem (does not occur on a lan connections at all cable or dsl):

On wireless the sent packets is going up but no receive packets come in for roughly the same amount of time as the dial up wait. So I sit for about 10-20mins seeing packets going out with connection connected with 2-4 bars of signal and no responses coming back. Just like in the dial up all of a sudden it starts to work as it should and the connection responds pages download (there are no bursts like on dial up). This issue does not always reappear when the connection is lost either it seems to be a one time thing after a restart or first start up. If the wireless connection is left alone downloading a file it will continue to respond once a new request is started. However if you leave the connection ideal for to long both dial and wireless will start this whole 20+ min waiting thing over again.

That is the problem in a nut shell and this one is a total annoyance if anything. I recently got Ryans newest update pack 2.1.4 hoping and praying this would go away as mysteriously as it appeared. Unfortunately the problem is still there with this version as well. Also IE6 & IE7 both suffer from this problem so its not browser related that much I know for sure.

So the only possibilities I can think of are:

Registry key

Something removed with nlite

Something in an MS updates

Something special to ryans update after 2.1.1 or 2.1.4 time period.

Or something else that I have not thought of.

I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE has a simular issue or has an idea whats going on & how to fix. PLEASE POST anything.

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Well I have access to 2 different access points & it does occur on both. However it occurs on one sometimes more then on the other.

Like the other day I was using the weaker signal (my friends) and was able to get packets to go back and forth but was losing the signal due to its strength. I could perfectly connect to the other access point (mine) and the signal was stronger but no packets would go back and forth. That was one of the first times I had that happen. Later that day about 3-4hrs later I got connected to mine and I never reset the router. After using my friends connection for a while mine eventually started to work out of the blue. This is why I know its not at the router level. I also have some wired pc's to the router and they never act up.

With these types of occurances & the way this acts on dial up it leads me to believe this is something in the tcp/ip protocal. Perhaps a setting that I have never changed but microsoft did with an update a few months back and it only affects wireless and dial up respectively.

Perhaps its some kind of conflict at the protocal level. Like the packets are slamming into each other instead of doing what there supposed to do. The problem goes away once you have a connection that starts to behave after 10-20 mins or if you stay connected like I do for days.

My parents on the other hand dont have the option to stay connected for days and have to deal with this every time they dial up. My mom says she does not even enjoy the internet anymore.

I really hope I can uncover what is causing this and change or fix it.

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I just found something interesting. There was a Windows update on Aug 11,2006 is a fix for DNS

resolution error.

This would have been part of ryans update back back in august (2.1.1). Has anyone had issues with this update? What about hfslip users?

This might be the update that is causing issues.

Does anyone know how to remove an update from ryans pack or somehow isolate the files for removal.


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I also was wondering if having these 2 reg tweaks in place could be the issue.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]



They control the amount of connections you can get. I have never had an issue with them but I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with these? Am I using them correctly?

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Those are correct, and should only affect the number of open IE sessions. You can try setting them back to default as a test, but I doubt they'd cause this behavior. I think, at this point, you're probably going to have to go back to a "stock" XP SP2 install, and then add on things from there to see when the problem starts occurring.

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