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Intergrate Vista Tweaks

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Since there is so less intel available about how to integrate (Registry) Tweaks in to your installation I still don't now how to pull it off!

Does anybody know how I can disable UAP for example and do other tweaks without using vLite for example?


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:whistle: If you use a FirstLogon.cmd along with creating a User in the Administrator Group I have found i can do pratically anything there without even disabling UAC so theres no need to disable it beforehand. One of the Reg Tweaks I run there is to disable UAC but it applies after I restart. I have even added the Tweaks to make UAC less annoying on restart.

I'd say its the replacement for Runoncex

Might Note if you stop it for any reason, you lose these permissions completely and it reverts back to annoying as all get out.

You can take a look at my VistaUA in my sig below.

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