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Russian language problems


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greetengs everyone!

nLite is nice tool, I use it since version 0.9x. But I still experience problems with russian language. NeroBurning displays wrong symbols in project (left) panel, but correct in right panel. ACDSee browser also displays russian filenames incorrectly. When renaming files in Nero project panel or ACDSee browser everything diplays correctly untill I press enter. Alcohol main menu also wrong in russian. Maybe a lot of similar problems that I have not found

well, there's a way to solve this problem by changing registry values:


1250 = "CP_1251.nls" (was "CP_1250.nls")

1252 = "CP_1251.nls" (was "CP_1252.nls")

after doing that everything works fine, but ... what another troubles are revealed by those changes?

and ... is it possible to remove first start pages like setting up updates, registering, creating first users and so on?

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I don't know why this happens on Russian versions only and even this solution was posted years ago. Just apply it after install and don't worry.

Or it may be some language removed, try once with all langs and keyboards kept.

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