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How to Auto-Insrt the Serial Number?


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thanx buddy

but, I've used the d:i386\winn32.exe /unattend

but it didn't ask me whether I need an Upgrade or New Installations!

it jumped everything and it started UPGRADING!,

it didn't even consider the file unattend.txt, still uA even in the absence of unattend.txt from the i386

so what's the purpose of unattend.txt !?

I just converted my winnt.sif to unattend.txt, is that ok?

how different plz the unattend.txt from winnt.sif?

I mean I need everything like normal for instance, setup gives you the option to choose between Upgrade or New Installations, then when it comes to insert the SN, either already inserted uA or bypasses the step also uA


thanx, I've download the modified winn32.msi and the upgrade.exe, but as I typed above, it's not only about Upgrading, it's about Options for me to choose with uA auto-insert the SN

if you teach how to modify the winn32.msi to insert the SN or you modify one for me ;):)

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