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Adobe Reader 7.0.8 lite/micro add-on for nLite?


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and if not, could anyone make one, please?

Currently I have: Adobe Acrobat Reader Lite 7.0.5 nLite add-on (File name: nLiteOn_Adobe.cab ; size: 6.11 MB)

but it's made in Jan 2006 or even older, and I'm looking for 7.0.8 counterpart.

Note: I'm NOT talking about FULL Adobe Reader 7.0.8 add-on which would probably be 2x MB but lite/micro version.

ps if not nLite add-on, then maybe someone knows of exisisting AR 7.0.8 lite/micro version which I could use post Windows install for example?


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In your site Rogue Speear have addon for 7.09 and 8.0 (for members) and Shark007 create swichless installer for 8.00

Check Application Install thread, here in MSFN Forum.


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