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help with batch file process


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ok so i have found this simple batch file that gets information about the ip addresess from the local pc and saves it as a .txt file where ever you want. anyway i tried adding to it but when i run it the .txt files are just empty there is nothing in it.

this is the script

ipconfig/all > c:\ip.txt

c:>net view/all > c:\net.txt

c:>net localgroup/all > c:\local.txt

so the first line of code works fine but the other 2 lines just leave the .txt file empty, i have tried it with and without the c:>

please help me i really want this to work.

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@Echo Off
net view/all>>c:\net.txt
net localgroup/all>>c:\local.txt

This should work, you were nearly there though!! :thumbup

[EDIT] Sorry, I just notcied your error. Net View & Net Localgroup do NOT support the /ALL switch.

What exactly are you trying to do?


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