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(first of all sorry for my language skills, english is not my native language)

Reading and following directions written in "What Not To Remove For Some Programs" is a nightmare...

I think the good idea is to develop a tool which will simplify process of deleting unneeded dll's and components.

I mean something like portage in Gentoo linux (www.gentoo.org). In gentoo at begining you have only plain core of your system, then you simply hit emerge "name of program you want to install" and it will install it with all dependencies.

I think it could be a revolutional idea to create similar tool for windows. But it should not install programs, just install program's dependencies.

For example, i need a windows with only few functionalities, it should be fast and stable. So i chose functionalities i need, specify programms i would like to have installed and nLite will install only this components i need.

nLite is now "components oriented", i mean you have to chose which dll's you need and which you don't need. It's not easy to chose well if you are not familiar with all this stuff. I think that it would be a very good idea to add "task oriented" way to chose system components.

I think it can be done easily by adding page "Programms dependencies" to nLite. It should have tree of checkboxes (just like at components page) where names of various programms will be. Content of this list should be updated after any change in components. If the specific program will work with chosen components it should be checked. If not, it's unchecked and short description should be provided about what the programm needs to install and to run. Checking the box should enable the components that program needs.

What do you think about this idea?

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...It's not easy to chose well if you are not familiar with all this stuff.
this is where the danger lies ... :wacko: it is an ideal suggestion ... but would be truly tedious to implement ... besides, each user has his/her own presets ... this would be a double-bladed approach IMHO ... no offense meant ... ;) Edited by Kiki Burgh
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it would be a nightmare i think, unless you're only referring to windows components. if you mean 3rd party s/w, OUCH! i gotta say that i love the Linux installers though, like you said, with some you start with the minimum and then build on that instead of the other way around. with windows i'd guess it'd be a lot harder though because of all the dependencies. that's one of the things that's always bugged me a bit with nLite; you actually HAVE to read the descriptions in order to prevent removing something that something else depends on. for instance, you can easily remove IE, then keep something that needs it, so you just broke that app. if you start with nothing but the core OS and build on that, that would make it more of an "intelligent" app, if you will.

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